What in the Heck is North Pole Alaska Like?

Well, North Pole, Alaska is a great little town that has obviously capitalized on the fact that Santa is from the North Pole.. Everything here is Christmas themed all the time. From the street lights.. street names..fire hydrants... all Christmas themed..which is cool cause you never really HAVE to take your Christmas tree down.

Alot of cool things go on in North Pole.. like the Santa Claus house.. where you can basically find Santa all year round.. You can request for Santa to even write your kids at Christmas. It's pretty rad.
You can find them at http://www.santaclaushouse.com/. They are super people.

Christmas on Ice happens in November til about January something.. it's pretty cool ice sculpture.. some pretty amazing artists contribute to this crazy ice park that sits next to the Santa Claus House.. The Govna' even comes out! You can find the site here: http://christmasinice.org/

Most of people who live in North Pole have either lived here all there lives, are miltary from the Air Force base down the road, or people like me that would really rather not live in Fairbanks.

We have a good little down town.. a grocery, some gas stations, a McDonalds.. a Taco Bell and a Subway.. I'm all set. And for some reason North Pole has an abundance of churches and hair salons.

You need your hair done and to get your jesus on, come see us..

You get the small town feel without getting Fairbanksed all the time by a ton of people everywhere, and over priced, underwhelming housing.

And I've noticed as I've lived in NP for awhile that Fairbanks people like to make fun of us for living in North Pole.. But that's cause they are just jealous of how much cooler we are than them.

I'd be jealous too. Cause we are awesome.