About Me

Location: The Last Frontier
Temperature: Cold and Getting Colder

Who Am I?

Well the name is Rocksee and I moved to Alaska in September of 2009, along with my husband aka Bubby, Bubs, The Dude from northeast Kansas in a quest to fulfill our dreams of doing something bigger than being "just two kids from Kansas".

I began to write about our journey to the great white north in my first blog, "At the Porch Swing".. in hopes of inspiring someone to take a leap to capture all of the dreams they can reach.

I don't know if moving to Alaska in the middle of the worst economic recession was the smartest move, but I've met some of the worlds most amazing people along the way. (Both in the big wild world out there and on this very blog)

My husband and I have gone through alot. Hardships with losing the jobs and not having a place to stay when we first got here, to the struggles of getting on our feet and staying on our feet in one of the most expensive states to live..

And last but not least.. surviving our first Alaskan winter.

But we are still here..It has made us stronger by coming to Alaska and really proving to people back home that we can make it here.

I don't know if Alaska is our last stop in this world. I don't know if someday we will move on. But what I do know is that Alaska will be a place that I will always call one of my "homes".

I've transitioned "At the Porch Swing" to "Little Alaskan Life" because I do believe that's what we have carved out here in Santa's playground. A Little Alaskan Life.. And it's something that I am proud to say that I have done, on my own.

My goal on this blog has always been to show Alaska, in it's realist form to you, from a new person looking in on it.

I hope you stop in and say hello often..