Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kansas. The Next Frontier.

A few people have asked how things are going in the great big flat land.

They a pretty much how I left them. Flat. Hot. Flat. Hot. You get the idea.

Things are slowly starting to look up and a few of the reasons that I moved here are starting to slowly fix themselves. That's good right?!?!

It's definitely hard to ease yourself back into society. Getting used to traffic, a lot of people and the go go go of daily life. You definitely see how much you slowed into being in Alaska. I miss the slow pace a lot.

But basically everything is the same here as when I left. All is flat and Kansasy. Is Kansasy a word?

I'd like to start writing again on the regular. Maybe some tidbits of what I have noticed with a fresh pair of eyes about 'Merica.

I'm watching the ACM awards (since I'm in the country, I must do as the country folk do..) why is Lionel Richie singing like every performance? Did he become country while I was gone? You'd think he was Shania Twain as much as everyone getting down to it. Martina McBride looked like she was going to weep from joy. I mean I like Lionel and all but it's sorta like when Darius Rucker decided to be Darius the serious country singer.. Dude.. your Hootie. You can't just wash that off.

OH MY GOD he's singing another one!

Ok back to the writing.

I've learned that I love tomatoes. The red kind. Not the pink dried out shipped from the states in dry ice type. Yum. Red. Red is yummy. I learned that I also really enjoy buying food that doesn't go bad after two days. DID YOU KNOW THAT FOOD ACTUALLY LASTS MORE THAN A WEEK in AMERICA!?! Epic thought. I know.

I also have relearned that I enjoy walking. It's nice to know your not going to get ran over by a drunk driver, mauled by a wild animal or shot at by stray bullets. Oh and you wont freeze to death. That's sort of a bonus. But on the flip side, that did make walks awfully fun.

So my neighbors are pretty decent.. so far. Nobody is crazy. Nobody looks at the sky. Nobody has the last name Neck. I'm thinking I should move to a more high crime, low rent area to foster some better blog material.

Anyway, keep checking back. I'll keep writing if you keep reading.