Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the prairie is calling... and i must go

Most of you already know by now that I am leaving Alaska. I came here in Sept of 2009 with a dream of doing something amazing.

I feel like I have.

I have seen some of the world’s most beautiful and untouched landscape. I’ve done some things that people only dream about doing. Traveled through Canada and all over northern Alaska, sailed on amazing boats and seen amazing animals that up until the past few years I’d only seen in picture books. I lived in a land where people came to vacation.

I made my dream job a reality. Some one asked me before I left what my career goal was and I made that happen and more. I went farther than I could have ever hoped in a short period. I worked hard, I paid attention and I hope did something good. I met some of the most amazing people across this state because of it. I even end up on TV a few times. Whoduthunkit?

I’ve learned that I can drive home on ice roads in -50 and be ok. We’ve learned how to create a more self-sufficient life, to cook more, use less and be more independent.

I’ve gained so much. I’ll leave with much more than I came here with.

Not many can say that.

I’ve always known that I was meant to see and do things. I was meant to go to lands that I have never been to explore. I never knew if I would ever have the courage to do that, or have the means, but I always knew that’s where my heart was.

When the crazy idea came about to move to Alaska. Most people thought we would be back in 6 months. Some called us crazy. Some didn’t believe we could do it. Nobody really thought we would stay as long as we did, even us.

We aren’t leaving Alaska because we couldn’t make it.

We are doing just fine.

However their comes a time when one must make a choice about what is best for everyone. When one must do the adult thing. When one must follow their heart.

So, our time in Alaska has come to an end, for now. 4 years and some change isn’t bad. Not bad at all.

To me, this is just another chapter in the journey. We know now that we aren’t “stuck” anywhere anymore. We can DO anything we set our minds to and believe in enough. That was always the message we wanted to send, is that no matter what you’re your circumstances, you can do anything in this world. ANYTHING is possible.

We may be going home for a while, but we will definitely leave again.. for short spurts and then maybe another long one..… vagabonding through the short time god gives us… which may lead us back to this great state someday. Who knows? That’s the exciting part of an adventure. You never know where it will take you.

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