Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This girl's a cheechako!

A blog friend of mine recently asked on her Facebook page: "When does a cheechako become a sourdough? "

For those of you who are like.. "Uh, what the heck are you talking about?" A cheechako is a slang term for a new Alaskan. A sourdough is an Alaskan who has been here for quite sometime. '

I thought about this for a really long time. The question kind of intrigued me. When does a person cross the proverbial "threshold" of Alaskanism.. ??


Is it when you know more about coffee than you do current events? ..

Is it your first -40 winter?

Or your second?? Or your third? Or your 23rd?

Is it when you see the aurora for the first time?

Or you experience your 10th day in a row of driving to work in epic snow fall, only to find out when you come home that your front porch looks something like this?

Is it preferring halibut or moose..? Or a good bear stew... yum! Be still my heart! Swoon!

Is not really caring that you haven't been to another city larger than the one you live in for 3 years?

Or is it when you know, that if god took you tomorrow.. you could go to heaven knowing you'd seen the most beautiful country land has to offer and had no regrets because this was in your backyard??

I don't know if anything really makes you truly an old "sourdough ".. to me I think I want to stay a learner and a little bit of a tourist forever. I think that's what makes life exciting. So I embrace still being a bit of a cheechako.. seeing and learning the things that this large wild place has to offer.

I love asking people about something because "I'm still sorta new"..

You learn about so much more that way.

So for now..not a sourdough just yet.. Just call me cheechako.. a yes moose still get me excited enough to pull over and take pictures kind of girl.

BUT I did create a little top 10 list of..

 Reason's You Know You've Been in Alaska a While!

1. The sight of RV's makes you want to punch someone in the throat.

2. You laugh at people who wear a coat when it's 30 degrees outside.

3. You know that at some point you will have a cracked windshield in your car. You accept this and move on.

4. You know that the "honeybucket" isn't were honey comes from.

5. You believe that jumping on a plane and heading to Barrow for the weekend could be mighty fun!

6. You are happy when gas is under $5.00 a gallon.. and giggle like a little girl when you have fuel points at the grocery store. 

7. You are ok with peeing in an outhouse and have entertained the idea of living in a house without water. No shower, no sink. 

8. You wear your Uggs, Carhartts, Thermals or Snow Pants to a "classy gathering".. at least you wore a pretty scarf right?

9. In the winter.. as long as you make an attempt to stop at the stop sign, it still sorta counts.

10. You'd cut someone if they overtook your berry picking spot.


  1. Love your blogs, Roxy! I would love to see Alaska one day...i love all the pictures you post. :)

  2. Rox you make me smile every time I read ya... Love ya and miss you guys :)

  3. I wonder if I can call myself a Sourdough when we hit our 10th anniversary here next summer? Probably not, when compared to the REAL long-timers! But I do enjoy learning all I can about AK, and seeing as much as I can see. We live in such a beautiful state!!!

  4. I love this! I've only been here 2 years, but I never want to leave...well I do want to move to another part of AK one day, but I love everything about this state.


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