Thursday, May 24, 2012

A trip to the woods..

I had a great time on my walk today. I managed to go to the Beaver Slough which is right by my house. It's nothing extraordinary by Alaska standards, but with a few good rains in the slough and a nice warm breeze flowing through the pine trees, it's an amazing little in clove in our neighborhood. It reminds me of the woods in Twilight sometimes. The sounds are a little bit odd when the wind blows just right. I ache to go over there in the winter.. It's so mysterious and dark. 
But I'd be in 6 foot snow drifts up to my eyeballs if I attempted that in January. It takes a little bit to dry out back there, so I was hoping that I'd be able to walk around there for awhile and get some cool shots!
It was a little sluggy in places which caused the skeeters to be out in full force. 
If you don't know about Alaska skeeters.. well I'm not going to tell you. But they are the size of 7th grader's and come in large, unfriendly packs. 
The trees were still sort of wet and the ground was wetish.. and that is a skeeter paradise. It looked like nobody had been out there in a very very long time. So I couldn't stay out too terribly long--- they were eating me alive!!

As you can tell there's a lot of thick tree's and brush around. It's so dark on the path, but big and bright when you look up into the sky.

I made it. I accomplished my goal from yesterday to get out and enjoy the morning. Take some photos. See what I could see.

It was so nice to get back. I just have to keep it up... and click click clicking away.. documenting our summer.

Soon there's going to be live berries out there I think. I can't wait to go berry picking sometime. It's something I haven't done before and I'd love to go. Berry picking is a sport in Alaska. People here take it very seriously. If you berry pick you have certain secret spots, special times you go, certain methods.. It's quite cut throat! Don't let a berry picker catch you on their grounds... A berry beat down will take place. :)

I also tried very very very very hard to work on my goal of breathing and staying calm. Thinking before, acting, or saying something out of anger. Being happy and just not caring about stupid issues really really  takes less effort than being unhappy about them.

I'm happy today. Really happy.

I'm good with that!!

It was nice today. 


  1. Happy is good! Oh, and your photos are gorgeous!

  2. And thanks tons for coming and commenting!!

  3. Hi Rocksee! Alaska looks beautiful! :)