Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm Going to Shoot You with My Love Arrow .. I Think You'll Like It..

 I know there are people out there right now talking about how much they hate Valentines Day. I get it. Commercial Holiday, you shouldn't have to profess your love for someone on just one day, just give me the chocolate and we will call it good.... yadda, yadda, yadda..          
Hearts Pictures, Images and PhotosBut for me, I've always thought of Valentine's Day as something great. Isn't kinda wonderful that there is a holiday devoted to love? Isn't love is worth that much praise? I mean think about it the other holidays.. Christmas.. Celebration of Jesus. Thanksgiving.. a Celebration of when the settler's came to America. Easter.. Celebration of the Resurrection. HUGE deals right? And to throw a holiday in there that's devoted to love and all of the grandeur and fluff that it it compasses. Don't we need more grandeur.. more fluff..? Just the idea of celebrating our love for each other? .. That's pretty great.

There's a lot of folks out there that could use more love in there lives, more connection, a hope for a brighter loving day.. The warmth of knowing that someone not only cares for you, but loves you... a lot of people out there aren't as lucky as a majority of us reading this blog. They don't have people telling them everyday how amazing they are or how much they are loved like you do. Think about that people. Spread that happy as much as you can. Just telling one person how much they mean to you.. maybe that would change their day or their life's perspective. You never know.

Maybe having a holiday, while annoying to some, reminds other's to take a minute and tell those folks in their lives.. "Hey. I love you, and I think you are pretty great."  We are all busy. What's so wrong with a reminder holiday.. ?

            So why do we have to trash a holiday about love?

Why can't just we use this holiday to tell everyone how much we love them? "Sally, I love you for always being my friend and listening to me and my problems.. Happy Valentine's Day!" " Uncle Bob, I love you for always shoveling the snow off my driveway. You are such a caring and good person! Happy Valentine's Day!"

I think sometimes people are afraid to use the world love to others..

But why not?

Maybe the mail man can be our Valentine or the sweet little neighbor girl, or our mom's..

Who says a dude has to be our Valentine at all?
Think outside the box people! Be Brave!
Tell everyone how much you love having them in your life.

I think that would be a great Valentine's for everyone. Don't you? Just using today to spread love all around on everyone? Maybe that's why people are so mad all the time. Nobody has told them they love them for a reaaaaaaaaaaaalll long time.

If anything. Use Valentine's Day as an excuse to bake cookies, do fun crafts, send everyone you know obnoxious Barbie Valentine's.. Make it fun. Have a day full of singing every old school love song you can remember.

Valentine's doesn't have to be a day of dread. It can be a fun day to love everyone in your life.
What's wrong with a little more LOVE in the world?

Not a thing if you ask me. Love is good. Eat it up, Share it, Be full up with it. I think the world would be a kinder place..

I love you all! Happy Valentine's Day. Eat a conversation heart in my honor.

********** AND.. Happy Valentine's Day to my husband, Brett. He's a pretty rad dude. I love him. He gets my jokes and laugh's at my silliness. He know's that I hate pumping gas, so he does it for me. He know's that I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and will do very hilarious dances in the middle of the living room to get me to smile if I've had a bad day. We don't have much. But we love each other. And that's taken us a long way for 9 years now.. and after all that time.. Love's about all that matters.. ****


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