Monday, January 23, 2012

Tacos Make Everyone Happy.

So I sent the neighbors a note. It wasn't a bad note. It was a "hey, this place isn't sound proofed, so maybe you should tell Baby Tiger Woods to lay off the 7am golf games in the kitchen, but welcome to the building" type note.

Today I got a reply.

"Oh so sorry, everything in this house is very old. Everything needed replaced. Stove, Water heater.. makes big noise. Husband and I stay awake all night last night. There was a man singing upstairs. We will try to be quieter. So sorry."

Did I feel bad or what? Very sweet lady. I want to write her back and say I'm sorry that her loud, golf playing child was bothering me. I want to buy her a present. I'm so mean. Ugh!

Mrs. Neck--- Still MIA. Mr. Neck, in the apartment enjoying the quiet.

Apparently Lady Who Looks at the Sky was screaming again tonight about the noise. Maybe I should tell my new neighbors about Sky Lady. She will scare them. She scares me.


It's getting warmer.
People are happy.
-4 feels like 85 in Florida.
There's alot wrong with that sentence.
But I still am glad it's -4.
Don't judge me.
Pass the margarita.

I have found a new obcession with the following things:

Corn Fritters. Sweet butter. Rub together. Enjoy.

So good. How is it that I've gone 32 years and never had a corn fritter? It's like a corndog and a can of corn had sex and created a round deep fried baby.

It's divine. Heavenly. Insert all good adjectives here.

Kombucha Tea.

I found out about Kombucha while sitting on the toliet reading a magazine. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I started off the story well. Anyways, Kombucha, to make a very long description short, is fermented tea that has like 50000 zillion good ingredients for you. Anti Oxidents, Happy tub notes, everything you need to feel all happy and sunshiney inside. And it's supposed to help with Acid Reflux, which I could sorely use.

The boy at Safeway asked me what it tasted like and to me it tastes like wine.. or maybe tea mixed with gingerale. He didn't seem to like that answer. It's not bad unless you accidently drink the long stringy wormy things at the bottom.


I've feeling burnt out lately. Tired. Cranky. I feel disconnected from things. I hate that.

How do you balance all the aspects in your life and give yourself equally to each thing? I fall off the balance beam alot.

I think sometimes I spend to much times doing things that make me unhappy because I feel that I have to, instead of doing things that make me happy because I want to.

Ugh.. Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. The ying and the yang. The ebb and the flow. Such is life.

Going back to focusing in on the things I have the power to work on changing.


I should go to sleep.

Taco King Monday tommorrow for lunch.

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  1. I had a thought...Maybe Mr. Neck got rid of Mrs. Neck......Ugh