Saturday, January 21, 2012


So it's been -40 for like 5000 weeks.

Ok, maybe that's over doing it. But really it's been cold with a chance of colder for far far far to long. I'm ok with a -40 here and there. But 3 weeks straight? Mother nature what the hell did I ever do to you?

The thing is, when things are frozen for a long time. They don't work right. Like cars for example. After they've been frozen for say 3 weeks straight, they don't like you. They make noises that sound like cuss words. It's really not very lady like.

Your body doesn't work right. Your muscles ache. You are cranky. They very sight of a thermometer sets you off. If you are outside for more than say 5 minutes, you are a stiff pile of bones. Your mind is telling your legs to walk. But nothing happens. You get slower and slower as you go. Ehh.. Cold. Ick.

And when you gave gotten to the point when -20 sounds like vacation weather and you say things like "Wow, it's really nice out here!" Well there is just something wrong with you.

We just need a day or two to thaw. Then you can freeze up again Mother Nature you cold, frigid, well.. you know what I could end that with.


All has been quiet in the apartment building as of late. Lady Who Looks at the Sky still hates us. She still hates the lady with the cat upstairs. Hubs heard her screaming at her from inside her apartment at 8pm the other night. It was a mixture of some Chinese/English yelling that he couldn't quite make out. Doors were slammed. Thing is, I think the lady with cat got rid of her cat months ago. So I don't know what Lady Who Looks at the Sky thinks she's hearing. If I was the Cat Lady I would mess with her as long as I could for all the times she has yelled at her. Maybe that's wrong. I dunno.Big Black Truck Guy who lives catty wompus from us believes she is listening in to his apartment with a glass on the wall. He heard her sliding a glass along the wall the other night. Very strange woman. Yes I used catty wompus, don't judge me.

Mr. Neck and Mrs. Neck are on the outs again. Someone lied, someone let the car die and it was alll down hill from there. Mrs. Neck has been spending the night with a "friend".. Like I said. Very quiet at the apartments.

We have a new neighbor upstairs. Our Army guy left to do.. well Army things and now we have a happy family above us. With a very loud toddler. That plays golf in the living room. Ugh! We will see how that goes.


The aurora foreast says that the aurora is supposed to be a 5 tommorrow night. That's apparently very extreme. I was reading in the that some sort of cosmic star sex happened and made something go down to the planet and WA LA! Crazy auroras will form. But the bad thing about Alaska in the butt crack cold of winter is the ice fog and the haze that comes off of all the smoke from the buildings and such. It makes it very cloudy and hard to see the aurora.

And if it's snowing.. Well all bet's are off. It was snowing tonight when I came home.. and you can't see the tip of your nose when it snows good.

I started Skypeing with my momma recently. I got her a netbook for Christmas. It's been so great. It's amazing we lasted 2 years without Skype. It's like autostart. I don't know how I lived before it was made.

Speaking of auto start. Whoever created it was a genius.


Someone gave me a great piece of advice recently, that I'm going to pass along to you.

Focus and put all your positive energy to things that YOU have control of.

Seems simple right? Sometimes I think I waste alot of time worrying about stuff I can't fix or change.

Seems like I haven't put enough pictures on this blog.
Here's another.

Here's some ice fog for ya.
Tasty huh?


OH! I updated some of the blogs I follow to the right. Some of the coolest Alaska folks around. Check them out, follow them.. Learn! YAYA FOR LEARNING!

Ok, well Hub's is calling me for dinner. It's Sloppy Joes at the ponderosa tonight.


Night all..


  1. I'm real glad I'm not in Fbks right now. It's bad enough in Dillingham...been in the 20 belows, which is unheard of here! But with the humidity and wind chill, it feels at least 10 deg colder than it is. Stay warm my friend!

  2. Fairbanks in the winter...Lol...You make me smile at the memories. Kenai was never that cold but we were in Fairbanks a few times during that weather..

  3. I'm getting a little tired of this arctic blast. 10 below would be heavenly. Zero would be like being in paradise! :P Stay warm, Rocksee!

  4. -4 today, WOW. Almost felt like summer.....

  5. That looks cold! I wonder if it would be possible when it gets warmer to Charter a bus from that deep cold winter down the coast to somewhere like MountainView California? does something similar to that and it seems like it would be a good idea