Saturday, January 28, 2012

-52 Think Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.. Only Way Crazier and Drunk.

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Here's what I'm gonna say.

Yes. I did choose to live in Alaska.
Yes. I love the fact that I live here, 90% of the time.
Yes. I did know it's cold here.  (this is my 3rd winter)
But this?

This is crazy.

The first winter I was here it was pretty mild. It got cold, but I don't remember a day that went above -35 or so. My second winter here, we had a long string of days at -35 to -39 and a few days I recall that got to -40 or so.

But this winter has been tough and so bitterly cold. We have had frigid temps for awhile now. -30 seems warm at this point.

But -52??!?!?! REALLY?

You do not play at -52. You just don't. It's not even in the same parking lot as -30. -30 you can still function.. At -35, you still can do what you gotta do. Even -40 and a grocery run isn't out of the realm of possibility.

But at -52. You don't screw around. Straight home. Straight to the next stop of warmth.

Today I can say was the first night that I was actually a little bit frightened driving home. The ice fog rolled in about 8pm and has only gotten thicker and deeper. By the time I left work at 11, it was so thick you couldn't see a but a few feet in front of you.

The air just seems upset. Mean.

-52. It hurts my lips to even say it.

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  1. Stay safe girl! Jim and I were talking about how this is the coldest winter we've seen since we moved here. Granted, we havent gotten as cold as you..I think our coldest so far has been -34.