Monday, November 7, 2011


I had a dream fairly recently that I was standing at the edge of a sand bar..over looking the Bering Sea.
I've never been to the Bering Sea, so I don't know why I knew that's where I was.. but apparently in dreams that doesn't matter. All I could see was water. Blue and crisp.. bouncing along as the wave's moved it down the banks..

I remember feeling the wind and pulling my hands up to the air and closing my eyes.. just so I could focus on that feeling. All the sudden I saw a boat... and I got into the boat and started to paddle out very far into the water. Miles it felt like... and then I stopped. I kicked off my sandals and tipped my head back and laid inside the boat. Just feeling the sun on my face. The wind washing across my skin.

Then the boat rolled over.

And I fell into the water.
Then I woke up.

I have no idea what this dream meant. Knowing my luck the boat would have started flying through the air and I would have slammed it and myself square into Priest Rock. But I didn't.

It's kind of bothered me since. It makes me wonder what it means. Do you ever dream crazy things?

I've had some things weighing on me lately that.. have been clogging up my head. Don't you hate that?

But a friend of mine wrote some inspiring words today on her blog. She's a Finn  I know from Kotzebue.. She's darn smart. One of the things she said really spoke to me. You can choose to be ugly or.. you can choose to be happy. I'm sure that also could include, you can choose to let some things go.

Maybe that dream was telling my crazy lost soul that I need to throw somethings into the water and let them float away into the breeze.

What do you think about that? Maybe? Maybe not?

Tell me about your dreams this week....

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  1. I've been having some really crazy dreams too. I think it was telling you that you should probably go somewhere where you can kick back and enjoy the sun for a few weeks ;)