Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Funk. Blah.

You know.. I’m frustrated as of late.

I’m frustrated with a very big part of my life. I think that I am getting burnt out. Everything I say and do and think about is all snarky, rude and so disgruntled towards it.

How do you get out of the frustrated funk????!

I sit and wonder if somehow there is a way for me to fix the issue that I’m having? Could I be more positive about it? Could I try to think of a way to fix it?

But sometimes you come to a point with something that you really don’t know if you can fix all the small things that are wrong with a very big problem. My mom says that there are problems everywhere. Everywhere. But I don't always think that is true. Somethings have wayyy more drama associated with them than others. I have to believe that.

I’ve tried to think that maybe over time it will get better. I've prayed about it, I've eaten my way through half of the North Star Borough..nothing has changed it. I thought maybe over time things will work themselves out, but they haven’t..

What do you do when something you put so much time and so much effort into seems to just be so overwhelmingly difficult?

People say that if you aren’t happy with something you should change it. But sometimes things aren't that easy. Something’s you just can’t change or stop doing, because at some point you have to be responsible and you have to remember that any change that you make effects more than you.

I’m going to try to hang in. I think that I need to stop thinking so much and put my frustrations towards something else. Any ideas? Maybe I should pour myself into a hobby.

What do you think? How do you handle the “fall funk?”

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