Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years..

We've gone through alot in these 10 years haven't we?  I'm not going to go on and on about where I was that day.. or what I thought..

It was terrible. It's still terrible. It still makes me mad. It changed every single thing in our lives in some way or another and we are a much different nation because of it.
I guess for me Septemeber 11th 2001, has taught me to never take a day that you have on this earth for granted. It's taught me to remember that each person in my life is important and to remember to tell them or show them everyday. Each day is a gift that god doesn't have to give you tommorrow. Nobody knew that day that it would be their last, to them it was just another day.

For many it was the most heroic and the very last day of their lives. Could I be a hero, even if I knew it was probably the end for me? I'm not sure.

But I would hope that if I was ever in a situation I could be as brave as those who died that day. I hope that I would be able to run into a burning building and not know where to even start to try to help someone. I hope that I would be able to help my coworkers fight through the smoke to safety. I hope that I could lead a charge on a group of terrorists who hijacked my plane, knowing that if I didn't stop them they would try to kill more people.

I hope I could be as big of a hero as the 2,998 people who died that day.
There's really not much else I can say.

To the families of those lost that day--- God bless you.
To the firemen, policemen, port authority workers, airline workers who lost their lives that day--We remember you always.
To the dispatchers at NYPD, FDNY, the Port Authority Police, AirTrafic Control-- from one dispatcher to another.. I THANK YOU.

To my family, my friends, my amazing co workers.. I love you. I don't tell you enough. You amaze me everyday.
9/11.. I never forget.

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