Monday, September 5, 2011


It's 12:01 am, September 5th, 2011

I'm offically 32 years old.

My first 60 seconds of being 32 have been pretty great.

I've been sort of reflecting this week. What have I done for the last 32 years? Have I spent my time wisely? Somedays, I don't know..

What I do know is that I'm 32 years old today. I have to stop being dumb. I have to do a better job of taking care of myself... body mind and spirit.

What do I think this year will bring? I'm not sure. But I have had the sneeking suspicion that things will probably be changing with in my life this year. I want to do more, see more and be better. But I have to make a concious effort to do that.

32 is going to be all about me and my decisions. Holding myself accountable. Saying no. Resting. Enjoying myself for a change.

Maybe some dancing? I used to do this alot.. and when I did.. it made my heart happy.

Yep. Making the heart happy. That's definately on the agenda for 32.

I'm going to stop trying to make anyone and everyone else happy except for myself. People won't change because you want them too Roxy.. I'm breathing out. Letting it go.

Ahhhh.. Yep.. That feels nice.

I'm going to explore my hobbies more.

Take a class on my photography.

Do things that I'm interested in.

And not pretend to be interested in things that I'm not.

I'm going to stop taking care of people who don't want to take care of themselves.

I'm going to take care of me.

I'm going to pick my battles.. and never forget how tough this 32 year old chick really is.

I think 32 is going to be just fine.

I'm finally going to make 32 the year I stop saying naughty words, even on accident.

It's all darn, poop and frack from here.

Maybe I will finally get a puppy. Maybe I will climb mountains that I never thought I could climb in all those other silly ages..

I'm pretty sure 32 is going to be my year to soar.

I always preach about dreaming big.. and never being limited... This year my friends I want to take that to the highest level I can. I want to fit everything into these 365 days that I can. BIG dreams friends.. I'm taking it all the way to the top..

Eleanor Roosevelt said "Life has got to be lived - that's all there is to it"...

So here I go.. number 32 is about to beginning.. are you excited?

I know I am..


  1. My thirties were awesome and I know that this decade is going to be great for you too!

    Keep dancing!

    Want to take belly dancing with me? It starts Sept 13. :)

  2. Well, you lasted about 2.5 seconds of not cursing. Maybe next year you can make that change. It's all good though. Poppa still loves you!!!!

  3. Yeahhhhhhhhh Roxy! I wish I was in Fairbanks, we could do some stuff together!