Friday, August 5, 2011

The Life Puzzle.

My mother says I am very blunt. That sometimes my tounge overides my brain. That I see things in black or white and there is no grey. She is probably right. Sometimes in this world there is no grey area and more often than not, I probably have something to say about it...

I learned a long time ago that people will walk all over you if you let them. They will treat you badly. They will use you. There are people who will face you with a smile and stab you in the back as you walk by.. and it is our jobs, as humans, to nagivate through all of that and sort out those who are truly good for us versus those who aren't.

I have an interesting theory that I've used for a very long time in regards to how you treat someone.  I try to give everyone a fair shot. Each person who comes into my life gets on the same platform to start the race. I personally try not to judge someone until they give me something to change my opinion of them one way or another.

I think some people do not realize that small things make people look at them differently. When you lie, when you try to make yourself superior over others, blow something completely out of proportion, or you jump down someone's throat or you don't hold up your end of the bargain with something.. those  things make people look at you in a different way. They may not stop liking or loving you for it, but they look at you differently.. and eventually if you keep acting the way that you are acting.. it pushes people farther and farther away.

To me, once you have reached my personal limit of freebies.. you are out. I am done trying to invest any time in trying to make something out of nothing. Life is too short to waste time on sad, difficult people. Chances are not limitless.

There is so many times that I have gone along with someone just because I thought it would make them happy and I watched them make decisions I didn't agree with and stayed around because I didn't want to rock the boat. Life is too short to be around negativity and people who aren't willing to do the right thing.

And some people are just that way. You can't change that or fix it. It's just the way it is. As soon as you  realize that and are able remove that person from your life, it makes it that much easier and quicker to meet those people who really will fullfill you. 

I find it very sad when people believe that removing someone toxic from your life is you being "mean" to them. How is that being mean? I think that removing someone out of your life that wasn't meant to be in it in the first place is just helping the situation out. And removing doesn't mean you don't have interaction with them. You probably still will, it just means you stop being invested in it. Your taking yourself out of that situation.

Life to me is like a giant puzzle, who's goal, is to fit together with the people who complete you. Everyone's puzzle is different. Sometimes you find a piece that you try so hard to shove in the puzzle but the end of the piece just isn't the right fit. Sometimes you find the wrong piece all together. Heck sometimes it will be a completely wrong puzzle.. But the moment that you find that your puzzle is fitting together more and more with the RIGHT pieces, the better life will be.

Just a thought.. :)  Happy Friday..

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