Friday, August 12, 2011

Lets Reflect.. Shall we?

I think that reflection is such a powerful thing. Often, I think much is learned from thinking about past mistakes, decisions and different twists and turns that life has taken. But how often to do you sit back and think, "Holy crap. Look at all I've done in the past year. How awesome that I came out on the other side.."

There are some powerful folks moving around in the world with us. People who, despite struggle, have overcome amazing obsticles. I have two friends who struggled for many years with infertility. The pain and the struggle that goes with that is beyond measure. But they were determine to be mothers and nothing could sway them from that. Now one is a mommy of two of the MOST adorable babies you have ever seen in your life and the other has a little nugget on the way.

I have a friend who when I met her had very little confidence.. She was overweight, overworked, underappreciated by herself and those around her. But this year was her defining year. She lost an amazing amount of weight, she focused on herself and has a beautiful sense of confidence in herself. There is a light in her eyes that wasn't there before. This year I have seen her slowly go from a timid person to a bright flower. I have another friend who this year lost 100 lbs. 100. He decided he was ready to focus on himself and this year accomplished something that nobody thought he could do. And he did. With style and grace and dignity. He peeled back a whole new layer and what was underneath was an amazing person.

My husband.. holy smokes. What an amazing guy. He's worked so hard to get better and better with his diabeties and this year, I really think he may have turned a corner with it. He's focusing more on eating right and getting out there and exercising. Which is huge! And he's seeing the results in his sugars.

I look on facebook and see so many people that over the past year have done so many amazing things. Had babies, gotten married, moved to amazing places, shown art or other works that they have done, people who have stopped drinking, stopped dating the wrong people, people who have finally started putting themselves first,  eople who have struggled and are now moving past whatever it was that was causing them issues... But most importantly.... People who are impacting those around them.

It's just tremendous. Awe inspiring really. Are you seeing those people in your life who should be inspiring you to do more? Be more?

I've been reflecting this week.. It's two years for me in Alaska. 24 months. That's a long time... Some didn't think I'd last 6 months. Some people thought I'd move to AK and move immediately back home. But I've really been thinking about those first weeks in Alaska, which happen to be right now, two years ago... and I remember wondering what my purpose would be here. I wondered if I could even do this crazy, hairbrained dream of mine.

And 24 months later.. I'm still here. Still standing. 

I don't think that I have ever done anything my life preticularly noteworthy. But I try to remember that everything I have done has taught me something.. and maybe through my life experience I've taught someone else something. Maybe passed on some of my dreams on to another person.

There's amazing people out there walking among us, who have dared to dream big.

Dreams are only limited by our human limitations.

I hope this next year is as good for you all as it is for me. I'm going to keep dreaming big.. and see where it takes me..

Soar my friends..    .... and the snow is coming.. :0)


  1. That is a GORGEOUS photo, despite the fact that it has the S word in it. :)

    If we live each day the best way we know how... and take the time to enjoy and appreciate the good around us, that's real happiness. That's how I see it anyway.

    Congrats on two years! YAY!!!

  2. Soooo.....I'm a little behind. The pics are friggin fabulous Rox. And I hope it truly makes you proud that after 2 years you and Brett are still talked about here in E-town....the brave ones that made such an enormous decision and DID IT! So proud of you two and hope that you find all your dreams and happiness up there!!!

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