Friday, August 19, 2011

Alaska.. America's Best Friend..

You know what I love the most about living here?

That no matter how stressed you get in life.. no matter what isn't going the way it should,  no matter how many things have gone wrong that week.. Alaska gives you respite around every corner.. Each corner of the sky, every cloud, every creek, every tree.. says.. "hey there friend.. take a load off, enjoy me for a minute..."

And it's not hundreds of miles in some hot, boring car, with someone screaming "ARE WE THERE YET?" It's a mini vacation right out your front door. This.. not 60 miles from my house.. no sound, no cars, no people, no phones, just the wind and the sound of the water rolling by.

Some people in Alaska say that there are prettier parts of our state. Yes, there are glaciers and big mountains, huge ocean picture perfect views.. cities full of tourist traps..

But you know what I love about living in the North.. ?? It's the quiet untouchedness of it all. Past Fairbanks, there is nothing out here. Nothing.. only you and the road and the trees.  It takes a special person to live here and stay here.. and to me.. standing on a road, looking out as far as you can see.. and all you see is this beauty? Well that makes every -50 winter and snow storm all worth it.

Yes friends.. it's the great wild north.. raw and uncut.

 When the Mister suggested we take a trip up the Elliott Hwy today.. just to "see what we could see".. I jumped at the chance.. Berry pickers stopped along the highway, RV's lazily rolling down the road.. no schedule, no tight timeframe.. we all must have had the same idea..

We just rolled along.. seeing what we could see..

It was pretty awesome..

But around Mile 50 someone had to go potty.

We won't go into who that was.. but thankfully, I didn't have to pee on the side of the road... That never turns out well.  We came across Joy, Alaska.. and the Arctic Circle Trading Post.. What nice people. True Alaska, tucked behind the trees..

The Arctic Circle Trading Post and previously the Wildwood General Store, has been greeting travelers headed up the Elliott Hwy and on to the Dalton Hwy for many years.

It's colorful.. and colorful is right up my alley.

And they had a place to tinkle.

It's amazing how things change as you live somewhere different overtime.

5 years ago? Me peeing in a outhouse.. ?? Wouldn't have happened. I would have died of a pee stroke first.
But now.. when you gotta go, you gotta go. A sourdough Alaska girl can't be choosey.

Tip for outhouse use.. Don't breath and don't look down the hole. Just do your business and go.

There were tons of other things to look at around the property..
People who had been there before..
People who had left a little piece of their lives in Alaska..

Almost made it.. not quite..  But we saw a ton of stuff.. and had a GREAT time..

We don't often pose for pictures with each other. Not alot. I'd rather show you what Alaska is like that what I am like. But it was a good day, I was happy, he was happy.. All was right in the world.

Just us ... full of joy in Joy, Alaska

We rolled along.. Stopping in Livengood, which comes up alot in my job.. so I figured I might as well see what it looked like.

It was a sign.. some work trucks.. and that was about it.

I'll save you the awesomeness of it all.
So we kept on truckin up the road... and soon worked towards the infamous Dalton Hwy.. Elliott Hwy Junction.. Go to Minto.. Continue on the Dalton.. Ahhh! The decisions!

We took pictures at the James Dalton Hwy sign.. stepped on the Dalton and back off.. got into the car and headed back..

We were refreshed.. our staycation had done it's job. Alaska had gave us a great big hug and sent us back down the big bad world.. I sat with my feet up listening to John Cougar playing on the radio and kept turning looking back at the sky and the trees and the road. Knowing today had being a good day..

I smelt pie in my future.

Ohhhh yes..

It was a beautiful thing..


  1. It is truly beautiful. It's just the cold, I couldn't get past that. I live in Florida and can't handle the cold here, for Pete's sake! I scoff at people who complain about the heat. I can take the heat, no problemo. But not the cold.
    I'm so glad you're still there, making your dreams come true.

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  3. Couldnt agree more Rox! All I have to do is look out my window when I get up in the morning and go wow, I live here. In Alaska. My wildest dreams came true and I enjoy of it. Alaska is truly a unique place and I'm proud to call it home.