Friday, July 29, 2011

Slow down.. Relax. Take a Mental Health Day..It Doesn't Mean your Crazy... unless you wanna be?

So my regular 5 readers know what I do for a living.. and what that is isn't exactly important to the post.. but it is a job that demands alot of my time. I'm there ALOT. And when a person chooses a profession that basically consumes your life.. it almost becomes who you are. I'm Roxy. I'm 24 years old.. Ok lets be real, I'm 31 years old.. I'm married, I'm a Virgo, my orginal haircolor is brown (I think) and I'm a ______________ insert job there. It's just the breaks of the game. My profession isn't the only one out there that is this way... come on.. you can tell me--- your's is the same too.

In this day and age, ALOT of people are becoming what they do for a living.. It's really become a culture of stretching yourself as far as you can for you job. Which is awesome. I'm all for that. I'm all for people who work hard and are proud of being hard workers. Theres nothing wrong with that at all.

And even think past careers.. Our families are asking alot of us, our friends, or social obligations.. that dreaded exercise situation... We as a people are just pushing ourselfs in general MUCH harder than say 10 years ago. I know people who wake up at 4am and sometimes don't get to bed till 1am the next night because they literally can not fit everything they need to do in a typical 24 hour day. Mom's who have littles, work, go to school and still have to come home and run a house and do everything being a wife entails.. It's crazy bananas!

But when is the time that you have to tell yourself. "Hey self, I think you are pushing it a little too much", and you actually do take a minute for yourself without feeling bad about it? Is it when you feel yourself slipping into the "I think she's a tad crazy" point... or when you are almost sick because you push each day too hard. Where is the limit? I think the line is starting to get fussier and fussier.

Anymore I think that alot of people are just having a hard time slowing it up, because they are afraid if they do.. everyone will think they are weak or lazy. Which isn't the case at all!

Too many things stretching us in 50 different directions = not very happy campers.

I remember that my grandpa used to sit on the front porch for hours and just wave at folks that passed by.
Sometimes my grandma would sit out there with him and people would just come by and chat and it'd be a another fine day just spent BEING. Not going going going.

Maybe it's time to stop and think about ourselves for a minute. Stop and go to the nail salon. Get a massage.. Take a mental health day from everything and become a "missing person" as my boss likes to put it. And it's ok. We may have to schedule it. Maybe we will have to remind ourselves to do it, like I sometimes do to remember to eat. But I think EVERYONE needs it.

We do alot. Pace youself. Go to get a Starbucks already.

So today.. on my Mental Health Day.. I'm going to Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn.. MP 321 of the George Parks Hwy.. Halfway between Fairbanks AK and Nenana AK.. Yep.. See.. that's really

what it's called. I may have a drink. I may sit at the bar and soak up the fact that I'm sitting in the middle of nowhere with cheap beer and a little bit of crazy Alaska atmosphere.. taking a minute for myself.

You can find a little more about Skinny's here:


  1. love it rocksee! i think you are totally right! we all need to slow down and take some "me" time. :)

  2. I love reading your posts....It takes me back to Peabody...I can remember my parents going over to chat with your Grandparents...

  3. The week we just spent in the middle of Wrangell St Elias Nat Park was EXACTLY what we needed. What's the Chicago song?: Everybody needs a little time away... It might not pertain to this entry (since it's about relationship away time) but I agree that EVERYBODY needs time away. It's good for the soul.

    Enjoy your beer! :D

  4. Oh did you bring back memories! My kids always cracked up as we passed this place going into Fairbanks.Lol...On another note I totally get what you are saying, Take time to enjoy life.((((hugs))))

  5. Taking a mental health day is a must for everyone! I'm personally thinking of going on a 'Me' trip.