Saturday, July 30, 2011

Only in Alaska

My day started off with this guy. As I was getting gas at Goldhill Fine Wines, Homebrew and Liquor, this dude was out singing in the sunshine.. He must have already read my last blog! Word travels fast apparently.

But this is one of the things I love here. The most random amazing things that make you stop and say, "Holy crap, that's totally awesome" happen almost all the time. Well as often as outhouses and house with camper shell windows.. so that's alot here!

This dude was totally jamming out in front of a convience store, having a ball and everyone got to enjoy it on "10 cents off gas day".. it was a good time. $3.78.. you can not beat that with a stick! And a concert!.. I'm one lucky girl..

After our trip to Skinny Dicks.. which by the way I had the most amazing Alaskan Summer beer.. which I enjoyed of course.. we decided to keep on going down to Healy, AK for dinner. It's about 100 miles from Fairbanks and it is super close to Denali National Park. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it there. Being in that area pretty much cemented for me when I first came to AK, that this girl must live in Alaska.

The sun was not out though.. and the hills had some sad, low dark clouds.. but we mustered through the rain and on to Healy Land! Watching views only in Alaska.. We stopped  for a great meal at 49th State Brewery..  you can find more about those guys.. here: Anyone who plays Prince's Purple Rain during my meal.. well they have the keys to my heart..

After dinner we ventured outside and what did we see but the one and only Magic Bus.. It's not the real one.. (even though they tried to act like it was ) cause I sorta know the real one still sits 20 miles hike in the woods, off Stampede Trail in Healy. Aint no movin that piece of junk.. so I don't know where they got this one.

Anyways the Magic Bus is from the movie Into the Wild .. about a guy who gives all his posessions and money away to hike 2000000 zillion miles to Alaska and live off the land.. which he did 20 miles inland from Stampede Trail in Healy. As the movie and the real life version go.. he was ill prepared, didn't have enough food, was too scared to shoot anything.. and didn't realize the that frozen Tetlanika River would eventually thaw, making it impossible for him to cross at the exact point he entered.. but he was too hungry and delirious to figure out that maybe if he hiked farther he could have found an easier crossing..

So he went back to the "Magic Bus" he was living in, accidently ate a poisonious plant and died.

Awesome right? He was very dumb.

Anyways people trek out there too see this thing all the time. It's a dangerous hike and people get hurt doing it..

But they still do.. Onlyyyyyyyyyyy in Alaska..


  1. that is totally awesome. seriously. I have never wanted to go to Alaska ( I hate cold weather), but since reading your posts about it and seeing all the pictures you post..I really wanna go! haha

  2. The dumbshit from Into The Wild didnt die of poisoning, he died from starvation. In the book they said he ate poisionous potato seeds but that wasnt the case, autopsy proved it. I cant stand that book or the movie by Sean Penn, which glorified a morons complete lack of knowledge of Alaska and how to survive here.

    Anyhoooo :-) Glad you had a great day! I havent made it up that far but its on my list of things to do :-) Maybe before the snow hits I can get the family together for a road trip!