Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice... Turn the light off Already!

Imagine this is what you see when you look out your window at 3am. Your trying to sleep. The light is creeping in. And you look outside and it looks like noon.

I'm fairly certain that I am the only Alaskan who is secretly happy today has come! Today is summer solstice which means that everyday past today .. Alaska looses more and more light.
All I have to say is THANK YOU GOD.

Now.. I do love the summers in Alaska. They are BEAUTIFUL. They make up for -60 in the winter. It's warm and green and full of life. You can do anything and everything from floating rivers, fishing, canoeing.. you can walk EVERYWHERE without worrying about snowboats, snowpants and 16 layers of clothes.

But the one thing I've found about Alaska that I can do without is 22 hours of light. 2 2 HOURS. OF. LIGHT. And those two hours that are supposedly "not light" trust me folks.. it's not dark either. It's like dusky.. and then immediately the spotlight known as the sun comes back on and stays on all day and night.

I've had enough vitimin D after day 2.

Just shut the light off already.

I'm ready for days of darkness. Amazing winter sunsets. The crispness of winter white snow. Being about to move about the city in the cover of night, all day long.

Plus.. During the dark time. You have 22 hours of reasons to sleep. It's dark!
So goodbye light. Adios. I am ready for you to start back in the other direction!

PS. Mrs. Neck is back after a month of being in Alabama..she and Mr. Neck have reconciled. Story time will follow shortly. Happy Thursday!


  1. that would be sooo strange... never been to alaska, or anywhere where it was light when it should be dark. i'd love to visit!

  2. Wow... I think I would LIKE having that much daylight! Seems so strange though :)