Saturday, May 28, 2011

What I can tell you is that the sun is shining.

It's been shining for 2 weeks straight.

We've had 80 degree weather, 24 hours of light and mosquitos like you wouldn't believe.

Alaska has had some killer sunsets, some amazing rain storms and all of us in the old building, ironically enough are getting along and peacefully coexisting. (Mrs. Neck moved back to Alabama or wherever she was from and left Mr.Neck here. Long Story)

We are looking forward to a drive up to Manley Hot Springs and Minto , Ak this summer.. a drive along the AMAZING Denali Hwy.. and a possible new job opprotunity for my husband.

All is going pretty well in our little corner of Northern America.

But at home..

Things are falling apart.

courtesy of google.
On May 22,2011 a small town called Reading, KS was wiped off the map by an EF3 tornado. Reading is in the northern part of the county I am from. I had alot of friends there who lost everything. Thankfully all of them are alive, but a few were injured.

It was devasting to their town. But in Kansas, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.. we are strong folks by nature and I know they will fight back from this and make the town even better than before.

Then the very next day, Joplin Mo was wiped off the map. I'm sure you've seen the horror coming out of that city. Joplin is a HUGE town for people in in Southern KS, MO and Northern OK and AR.. It's a hub. I've been there so many times... and what a great city full of kind folks. It's such a shame to see how much they are hurting there.

People will never understand how much a tornado ruins. It's like a death.. of all the memories and the things you knew. They just aren't there anymore.

Two days ago. May 26th, 2011.. my friend was killed on a motorcycle.. He was a state trooper in our county and I not only worked with him, but I knew him and his family very well. He was a great trooper, a good person and a part of our community that will never be replaced. Today was his birthday.

It makes me wish I could go home. Even for just a day.. just to be there and be some kind of support for my friends and their families. It's such a helpless feeling to live 4000 miles away from your loved ones when things go wrong.

Ehh.. I wish I had more to say. But I just dont.

Too much has happened.

But we are ok here. Still alive and kicking... and hoping for a brighter day back home for our loved ones. I tried to send them some of our sunshine.. but the postal service wasn't havin it.. :) They were too busy moving all of our mail to Denver Colorado.. (WHOOOLE other blog post)

But for now.. safe travels friends. If you ride a motorcycle. Please. PLEASE watch yourself. Be careful of the other guy.. cause you never know if they are paying attention or not.

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