Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We went Boonie Crusin' to Chatanika, AK

We took a little drive today, trying to find a place that we had never ventured to to go Booney Crusin' today.. We had always heard about, but just never made it up to Chatanika to see the lodge and the gold camp.. In the winter, they have some pretty neat outhouse races.. Yep.. that's right.. outhouse races.. You can find the folks at Chatanika here...http://chatanikalodgealaska.com/

It was a beauuuuuuuutiful Alaska day.. Sunny, bright.. and warm.. it was so green and the trees were all perfect!
It's amazing how high you get as you drive along the Steese Hwy.. It's high in the hills!! But so pretty.. there is all of these pretty little gulches and everywhere you look it's something pretty!!

We finally made it to 9 mile Steese Hwy and the Felix Pedro Moneument. See Felix found gold somewhere in these there hills and he was a big deal.

The gave him a rock.

In Alaska.. if you get a rock or a road named after you.

You are the stuff. Except if you were James Dalton.. your highway sucks. You really must have not have been very cool.

So your probably wondering why I am huging Felix's rock..

See.. at my job alot we always get alot of stuff that happens here.

So I was pretty stoked that me and Ole' Felix finally got to meet each other.
My new glasses. I'm have fun.

Here's hubs walking around surveying Felix's rest area. It was pretty and shady and had a HUGE amount of butterflies swarming the area.. It was amazing! I'd never seen so many everywhere!

Group picture!
Ok, we are sorta nerdy.

We headed up the road and started to see bits and pieces of Chatanika.. Here is some Alaskan real estate for you.. Cabins available .. I bet they would charge at least $500.00 for these.. hahaha..

We finally made it to the gold camp! It was very pretty nestled on top of the hill!!

The Chatanika Lodge.. !! Totally Alaskan.. any building with big antlers on it is good to me! That totem is also super cool!

Dinner time! We had a great little drive.. we didn't end up eating here though.. we went back down towards town and at dinner at the brewery in Fox! Good times!

We are going to try very hard this summer to go to some places we haven't gotten to go to yet in Alaska.. So I'm so excited to get to bring you some new places!


  1. Next time you're up in Chatanika eat in the lodge. It's very Alaskan inside too, and they like when you wander around in there checking out the stuff on the walls and in the back rooms. :)

    And across the road from the Chatanika Lodge is a bonafide dredge! You can walk out to it and even climb down on it (but they discourage that). :D

  2. Love the photos! Looks like a great ride to take and place to visit. I need to add it to my list of things to do up that way! And its always good to see pics of you and your hubby!

  3. I love your glasses! Last time I was at Chatanika Lodge was a few years ago with Jenn Bruce. It's a great drive :)
    So if your summer travels happen to bring you to Dillingham, I have a place for you to stay lol. And I'll take you to see all the sights...the Lake, the Beach...ya, that's pretty much it.
    Miss you!