Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mrs. Neck and Lady Who Looks at the Sky have Taken Over the WORLD.

So I have a new neighbor..

Mrs. Neck's best friend..

Lady Who Looks at the Sky.. has moved in next door to me. I not only have Mrs. Neck.. but her friend too.

Lucky me.

Apparently she moved down from the third floor sometime while I was sleeping yesterday. I went outside to get something from my car, when I noticed a tiny little pair of shoes outside Heather the Party Girl's old apartment across from mine.

" Who's shoes are these Mrs. Neck..?" as she sorted laundry next to me..

"OH honey.. they are Lady Who Looks at the Sky.. I told her about Heather leaving and how I would love to have her down here in the basement with us...!"

Of course you did. Why wouldn't you have.. ? You all stick together right?

"Lady's gonna have a little house warming party soon..! YOU should come by!" Mrs. Neck squealed.. "I think Mr. Neck is gonna bring his geetar!"

Yep.. That's my idea of a great time.

Lady spent no time getting the basement in tip top shape. She once told me it confuses her when she comes down to do her laundry and it's so dirty on our floor.

Um, what do I say to that? Your right. I'm so dirty. I live in squaller. Talk to your besties Mr. and Mrs. Neck about how people live crazy in the basement. Wonder what she's gonna think about them making out in the hall.

I can't waiiiiiiiiiiiit for that.

But back on task.

Anyway Lady as I'm gonna call her, got alllllllllllllll sorts of bound up today about the fact that the floor was dirty down here. She spent 3 hours tonight trying to figure out how to A. Turn on the sweeper..apparently it's pretty tricky and B. making the said sweeper pick up every last piece of dirt on the floor.

We are very dirty. Very very dirty.

Lady you have noooooooooooo idea.

She's also didn't find it funny that whoever has left their britches on the floor in the hall for the past 3 days, hadn't come to pick them up yet and that none of us bothered to pick them up either. I kinda thought it was funny. She was really hollering about that.

First of all.. I'm not pickin up anyone's britches who I don't know.. and is it weird that I find it gross that she did?

Lady really know's how to speak! Who would have thought?
Ohhh yes ladies and gentlemen.. theres a new sheriff in town.

I have a feeling theres alot more to come.


  1. heheeheh I hate to say that I am looking forward to it! But I am!

  2., I cant wait to hear of the adventures to come!

  3. I wouldn't be touchin' other people's britches either! LOL

    I can't wait for the stories you'll tell. :D