Monday, April 4, 2011

Alone in the Wilderness..

I know of a man who lives in a small cabin several miles away from a small village of 12 people. It's hundreds of miles away from a bigger city, it's off the road system and about as far "off the grid" as you can imagine. I remember when I first heard of the man another with another friend of mine who immediately said.. "I don't know if I could do that.. " I said nothing.. but I was immediately intrigued.

You could probably say that I am social. I like people, I like talking to folks, being around others.. If your my friend of Facebook, you probably know that I am on there WAY to much for my own good. I like being in a social circle and connecting with other folks. I'm pretty fond of my husband. I enjoy living with him..

Don't get me wrong.. most of my life is pretty ok. But I am intrigued by the idea of living in solitude. Farrrrr from anyone and anything. Being alone. I actually really enjoy the idea. Could you imagine living in a 12 X 12 cabin, by yourself? No TV, cell phones, music, Facebook. Outhouses.. Bathing in the river in the summer.. Reading by firelight in the winter.. Catching, trapping and hunting for your own food.. No neighbors to see.. no places to go.. Having to survive on your own skills and guts?

Do you think you could do it? Or do you think it would drive you mad?

There's alot of people in Alaska who live a life of solitude.. living the simple life off the grid and I sometimes see alot of the pro's to it. I would consider it like a diet from life. Getting away from all of the people, insecurites, drama, pressure and complete hassle of each day. Getting a chance to be alone with your own thoughts for a change and get back to the business of being YOU instead of being what the world has carved you out to be. I think sometimes our brains are so noisy from other things coming in, we don't even have a moment to sit down and really think.

Maybe being so completely on your own might in still some confidence back in some people, who are far too pampered and spoiled and show them they could do things in this life that they never thought the could or would be able to accomplish..

It would be like a cleanse of sorts. A people cleanse.

But I don't think I could be like the man on the lake.. I don't think I could do it for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years.. till I died. Maybe 1 or 2.. I think I would miss too many other things.

Like baths. I really like baths. 20 years is a long time to be smelly.

My family..

The closeness you feel from being apart of a community. I think, even though I'd sometimes like a vacation from it, it would definately miss it. Being alone would eventually to me, be unbearably lonely. Some people are ok with that.. but I think after awhile it would start to chip away at me and I'd have to go back.

But I respect those folks out there who do live life by their own rules off the grid.. alone in wild Alaska.. What an amazing thing to do.. and suuuuuuuuuure tempting..


  1. Should be a requirement for all people to live this way for 1 year, bet the world would be a better place for if you find peace within yourself you are more apt to find it within others, great write sweetie :)

    blessings n' hugs

  2. I would enjoy it for a year or two, as long as my dog got to stay with me! I might miss my little man and fiance, but if I didn't have them I would be all for it!! No drama!! Love the post!!