Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Year Ago..

A year ago yesterday I blogged about starting my new job at the state. Woot Woot! Happy Anniversary to me!

I think when I first walked in the door, I think I expected to know something about what was going on. I had done the job before, so I thought I would at least have a small advantange in learning the ropes.

Hahaha I was so wrong.

When you first learn something one way and then are challenged with learning something a completely different way, it totally knocks you on the floor. I think it's almost harder to have something in grained into you and have to rebuild your thought process, than if you came into a job like mine knowing nothing at all.

But I learned.. slowly to find some footing in helping protect an area three times the size as the state of Kansas.

What I've enjoyed about this job is two fold. I started my career in a highly technical and small, concentrated area. If there was a problem, someone was very close by to fix it. But working in Alaska, I have learned to solve problems in a creative way. I've learned not to lean on technology but how to think outside the box to get things done. I've learned that Alaska has some extremely talented folks out there, dedicated to helping each other making it through.. I'm proud to be a small little part of that.

I've met and worked with some amazing people. People in public service never cease to amaze me with their grace, throughfulness, caring and volunteerism. I work with and have worked with some of the most amazing men and women on this earth. Public service employees are the worlds forgotten hero's.. and working here I have met some of the finest. They have taught me to push myself and to never give up.

I guess what I am most proud of is that I've made it for a year. That's a huge accomplishment. When I left Kansas my supervisor asked me what my goal was when I came to Alaska.. and that was to work here and I accomplished that.

I never thought in a million years that they would take a chance on me and they did. I hope that I've fulfilled my position as much as it has fulfilled me.

** mother isn't here yet.. hopefully tonight!**

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  1. A year already, wow! You have a tough job, and I thank you for being the voice at the other end of the line when people really need to hear someone. I know your job can be mentally taxing and it takes a special person to handle it. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!! And I demand to see you on AST sometime soon ;) LOL

    And have fun with your mommy :)