Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Haps in AK!

So you are probably thinking.. "Dude.. really it's been like 15,000 days since you've blogged??!?!" Ok, yes I know.. it's been awhile.
Consider me slapped on the hand.
You know after you've come off a vacation you feel all rested and happy and excited to take on the world again.. ?? You know that feeling? Well I've been back at the grind for about 7 days and I think I need another vacation. You get so used to being all rested and sleeping in late that your out of practice to be old, grumpy and tired. Pashaw! I could definately see how people stay home.
It was beautiful.
I wish I could do it more.
What else is going on here in the big, bad north.. ?
Well let's see..
Lance Mackey did not win the Iditarod.
Which I think is great because the guy who did win, John Baker, is a VERY amazing musher from Kotzebue.. and it was about time for someone else to win. I think that keeps the sport interesting.
Gas prices went up. WAY up. Right now in North Pole, Alaska gas is $4.24 a gallon. Now.. before you get all up in my grill.. no I am not complaining. I always realize there are people out there who have it way worse than I do. My friend Louissa in the UK is paying like 6.50 a gallon.. and some of my friends in the bush.. well you just don't even wanna know.
Also.. it is warming up! YAYYYYAYAY today I saw 40 on the bank clock themometer. 40! and there was no negative sign in front of it! WOOOT WOOT!.. But with warmer weather comes the melting of the snow and all of that ice left over from the pre winter ice storm. It's caused alot of very very slick roads and sadly some pretty horrific driving conditions. Stay Safe my Alaskan's!
But with warm weather and sunshine, we are dreaming of summer..
And signs of this..

and this..

with a side of this..

and some days of this..

with some short sleeved weather full of this...

(all of these pictures I took on my first vacation to Alaska)

But we will keep on hanging in for these last few weeks of winter.. and pray for the warmth of summer! It's soon coming!
and PS.
The Kansas Jayhawks will win the Final Four.
Thats all I have to say about that.


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  1. I haven't checked in in a loooooong time but it seems like Alaska suits you well. Great photos!! We have to be almost done with winter...right?