Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lesson Learned

One of my good friends just moved away. Her husband's job (which is also at my job) just transfered him to a new post in Western Alaska. By Western Alaska.. I mean the farthest end you can get. Like maybe I could actually see Russia from there. No roads end. $560.00 plane ticket end. Bush Alaska baby... village life.
So as you can imagine, she was stressed. She has never lived anywhere without her family closeby, never lived anywhere were she didn't know anyone, never lived anywhere that she couldn't just jump in her car and drive to civilization. Naturally she was nervous.
When moving day came on Tuesday... it was a long, stressful day. Just the traveling it takes to get to her new home, would take it out of even the strongest, seasoned traveller. But once she got there, she was faced with the task of setting up house... and having a hell of a time doing it.
Nothing was going right. The phones they brought didn't work, half there stuff wasn't there, the kitchen was in shambles.
She was cut off, lonely, mad and didn't have a good first impression of how things were starting out in their new home.

Does this sound familar?

I kinda have a first hand working knowledge of this.

I hope that I can help my friend. I can actually say that I know how she feels. It's so hard to leave everything and everyone you know and are comfortable with and start a new life. It's not easy. It's DEFINATELY NOT EASY. It seems like at first God tries to throw up every road block he can to make it as difficult as absolutely possible to succeed at this new adventure you are trying in your life.
The lesson I learned from moving to Alaska and being so far away is that even when NOTHING works out like you planned, slowly God shows you how strong you really are to have overcome everything it took to get there. I came here with no friends, no job, barely any money, I was homeless (more or less) and I didn't know which way things were going to go. But somehow, someway it all worked out. I found friends, a job, a have a little bit of money, a home and now I have control of this big wild situation called Alaska.
But the biggest most profound thing I learned by taking that leap and doing something different with my life is that you can not give up. You can not loose heart. Just when you want to say, "screw it, I hate it here"... don't give up. Find some reason to stick with it.
Slowly things will start to change.. and you will learn that you were really stronger than you ever thought you could be.
You can move mountains.
Heidi girl, it will get better. I promise you it will. I KNOW that it will. I have faith enough for you and for me. I am so proud of you friend.

So my faithful flock.. A question for you..

What was one piece of advice someone gave to you when you made a major change it your life.. ?? What advice would you give someone else??

*** This post was a writer's workshop prompt from Mama Kat.. you can find her at: Go..visit. She will like you.


  1. You're an inspiration Rox...thanks a lot! You just made my day a little brighter :)

  2. hubby was TDY in AK last week :) Being a military family...we uproot a lot and are used to the changes and having no family around. The military does have some creature comforts and familiar sights at each AFB...but still. The good things about it are....lots of adventure...and the close relationship I have with God, Hubby, and kiddos because of it. :)

    You are a great friend!

  3. so glad you can be there for her!