Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Weekending!


So what are you all doing today? Me? Not so much.. Been working alot trying to get ready for the big arrival of Mother.. Lots of cleaning, lots of working, makes Rocksee a very tired girl.

Just wanted to drop in, leave you a picture, not a great one.. but a little bit of our snow for you.
And I just wanted to see what you all are doing today and wish you well.

Happy Weekend my lovelies.. I hope that it's restful and full of happy.


  1. You must be anxiously counting down the days until your mom is here!! Will you be taking anytime off work while she is there?

    I've been in bed sick all day today, but tomorrow is Iron Dog and I dont care how bad I feel, we're going!

  2. I know you're super excited about your mom coming! I love having visitors. I can't wait for my son to come!!

    She's going to love the Ice Park. I was over there today, and although there's nothing really carved yet the sites all have blocks on them. I can't wait till it opens and the multi-block sculptures are up!