Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tardiness, Love, Stones and other ramblings..

So, I know it's been awhile since I last posted. Not that nothing has happened.. but I just honestly haven't had a chance to post. Between work, -40 for like a week straight.. it's just been BUSY! It's so funny how life catches up to you.. First you haven't blogged for a day or two.. then a week and holy smokes.. your are way behind.

But alas, my true followers know.. I always come back..

A coupla things going on that I wanna touch on. Stuff that's been, as my grandpa would say.. "nippin at my craw".. (ok that sounds kinda dirty)

Somebody in my little hometown, did a very bad thing.

Graffiti, all over the city grocery store..


and to make things worse they didn't stop there.. they went on to spray paint the city shop and the police building.

in big bold letters.
Now, I'd have to agree. Love is very unstoppable. Love has unstopped me from doing alot of stuff in my life..
And thankfully, the messages they did put on the building were positive. No curse words.. No naughty stuff.. No crazy rap lyrics.
Inspirational messages by graffiti artists.
BUT where I have a problem, is when the editor of our hometown newspaper blasted them for it, (which she was completely right in doing) she's now getting prank calls at her home in some lame attempt to scare her for calling them out. That's wrong. That's an issue.
I don't agree with what was done. It's pretty trashy for someone to do that in a city that they know doesn't have the time or the resources clean it up..
It's time and money that isn't there.
So that your art to a canvas, to your body, to the internet.. Just not on our buildings.
And Dudes.. if your going to try to make someone feel threatened, that isn't cool. At All.
So knock it off.
Plain and simple.

AND my other town.. Spending $100,000 for 4 stones that say Welcome to Crapville on the front.

4 stones. $100,000. That's like $25,000 a stone.

That's like 4 city positions that they can't ever seem to fill.

That's 3 police cars and maybe a full firetruck that that can't ever seem to buy.

That's salary for two more guys to go around the city to do snow removal in the winter.

That's developing some kind of a substancial place for the youth of our city to spend there time besides running the streets, causing more work for our under funded, over worked law enforcement.

That's a new park. A new bike path, a new SOMETHING for the city.

That paying for a code enforcement position to finally get the cities slumlords to comply with landlord regulations.

$100,000 is alot of money for 4 stones.

What irrates me beyond no limit is the fact that I sat in meeting after meeting with the city manager, telling us how broke the city was. How they couldn't afford to provide us with decent insurance so I could actually go to the eye doctor or the dentist. How they were too poor to pay cop's spouse's when they are shot in the line of duty. How they were too poor to provide the equipment, personnel and the compensation for the employees who gave everything they had day afterday and got nothing in return.

The city was just to poor.

But somehow, we can afford 4 stones in a town that has more signage with it's name on it than any place I have ever seen.

This is wrong. And I hope people see that. We can not afford this. And I hope people speak very loudly about it. Because the people we have in charge aren't listening very well.

And the previous post about Nella Hampton's Oneder Fund.. A little update.
Guess how much has been raised since that post.



Great job Kelle..

Ok so promise to not be a stranger.
I'll be back. When you least expect it. :)

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  1. Good Morning Pretty Girl! I was just thinking of you this morning! I love your blog entries! Hope life is good in Alaska! xoxo from Maryland!