Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowmen vs The Dragon..

So Bubby and I took a little drive after an AMAZEBALLS lunch at Taco King.. I love those people. Anyway with all the heavy snow it looked like alot of people took advantage of it with some pretty cool snowmen.. Fairbanks people have you seen the snowman graveyard over on the Jo just before the College Rd exit.. It's sorta creepy.
There's heads laying out everywhere and body parts and arm parts laying everywhere..
It's a bad arctic SyFy movie..
But we did find some really cool cute little men all over Fairbanks and North Pole..


I really liked this one for it's big ole plank wood arms.. those things are crazy.. I hope nobody is standin under that when it melts a litle bit... Little Tommy might get his head knocked off if that left arm comes tumblin down..

Here's another one..


I dig the serious rock mouth.. but the nose was weeeeeeakkk.. as you can see it was a tad droopy.. I would I have used a cucumber.

Yesterday I tried and tried to upload this very cool dragon ice sculpture that is in front of the Northern Lights Dental Clinic in NP..HOWEVER, Blogger and Photobucket had other plans.... SO anyway what I was going to say yesterday is that I love the sculpture and they always have the best display of any business.. I know I can't really show it here, but it's super in depth.. LOTS of detail and it had to have taken FOREVER to do..

Who ever did it.. I just want to say I always drive by to appreciate it.. it's beautiful..


Ok I have to let my Taco King digest. Did I tell you how much I love those people..?

Mrs Neck news tommorrow.. stay tune..

Happy Tuesday

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