Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mr Necks Pimples, Snowmachines and Ravens..

( Mr Neck's current phone conversation)

"Yeah so I woke up today and I had like 30 white heads on my nose.. ! It was GROSS! It was like a mushroom farm had landed on my face."

"I started to pop them one by one and there was like all this goo popping out and spitting out all over the mirror.."

"Do you think something is wrong with me..??"



So in Interior Alaska you see alot of this.. Along alot of major roads there are paths where you can either 4-wheel or ride snowmachines.. so alot of times you will see alot of people getting from place to place using a snow sled. These guys were just leaving the gas station down the road and were just about ready to do some pretty cool tricks when I passed by..


And the ravens..

Some people love them.
Some people hate them.
Some people think they bring luck..

I dunno. They aren't very friendly.. I do know that much...

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