Saturday, January 1, 2011

The First Day.. 364 to make things happen..

What can you really say about this year?

I don't really know if anyone can say that 2010 was their "best year ever".. I know alot of my friends have really been forced to face some of the biggest trials of their lives.. and I sadly am no exception.

I don't want to say that this year has been an awful one. Because it hasn't. I think this year has really taught me to grow up. It's taught me that there are very few times in life that are fair.

You will struggle...
and struggle some more..

And the one and only person that you can count on is you... The one thing that I can tell you that I've learned this year in abundance is that regardless of what you think you know, life can always turn that right upside down and on top of you.

It's a never ending battle. It never stops.

Life just keeps right on going.

I've cried.
I've prayed.
I've hoped.

And mostly, I've just come up short.

But what I have gained from all of this, is that I know that inside of me is someone who can do anything. I can SURVIVE anything.

It's made me fearless.
It makes me smile inside.

What do I hope that 2011 will bring? I don't really know. I have no idea. I've stopped trying to guess what will happen, because mostly in 201o I was wrong.

But what I will try for is a little peace. I will ask for more help. I will try to remember that I can't do everything and I'm going to stop trying to. It's wearing me out. I need help. So 2011 for me is going to be focused on decluttering, weeding out all the stuff that I can't change.. and change the stuff I can.. focus on putting some attention back to me. I can't forget to take care of myself.. and I feel like I've neglected that for a long time.

SO that's my hope. Peace.

What do I hope for you?

Well, I hope that you all have all the love and luck that the world can bring you. I wish you the happiness and hope that you can find.

I wish you peace.

*** on a side note.. please pray for the village of Savoonga, AK. They have been without power for several days now, in the middle of an Alaskan winter. It is not a good situation. Pipes are freezing.. people have been forced out of their homes.. Look up Savoonga on a map.. It is not a place where ANYONE would want to be displaced and without supplies. If you can.. send a box of non parishable food up that way.. anything you could spare. Start a food drive.. they could use it.. Let's start 2011 out right.. by giving..****

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  1. Happy 2011, Rocksee! I hope that you have many blessings this year, and even more adventures!