Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Call To Action! Open Your Heart and Spare a Few Seconds To Read

Guys and Gals,
I don't ask you for much.. But I am gathering the troops..
I want to help.. and I want you to help me..
For the past few months I've been reading about an amazing family from Florida at
Enjoy The Small Things
The blog is based around Kelle, the mom and her amazing family. See almost a year ago, Kelle gave birth to Nella.. A BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING and HAPPY little girl. She is BEYOND cute.
Well very soon, is Nella's 1st birthday.
But what makes Nella a little bit more special than your average 1 year old.. is not her amazing smile and her sweet personality... is the fact that Nella has Down Syndrome.
Having Down's doesn't stop Nella, or Kelle, or the amazing Miss Lainey (Nella's big sister) from rocking this little space earth..
So.. Down to the point of this post.
IN Honor of Nella's birthday, Kelle wants to do something to honor this amazing child that has changed her life, by collecting money for the National Down Syndrome Society to help other brave children and their families living with Down's.

The society helps to spread awareness and create more opportunties for the world to understand that we are more alike than different.

We are more alike than we are different.

Chew on that a little folks..

SO.. what do you have to do you ask?

First go to to meet Nella.

Read through the blog post reference this event. (and fall in love with some of the sweet children posted on the blog)

Then click on the "She's Turning One" button located just above the post and right below Kelle's blog title.

Donate. Give what you can. I know times are hard. Pay all the little things you have in this life forward. $5.00 goes a long way. Think of all the insignificant things you buy with $5.00.... coffee, a magazine, McDonalds.. Don't do that today and make a childs life brighter..

If you do this small thing to help someone else, imagine what someone else could do for you?


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