Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Your burning Mrs.Neck questions ANSWERED, Mrs.Neck takes a rest... and MOMMA IS COMING!

So some of you had some questions about Mrs. Neck.. I figured I could sit down here and give you a little more insight on everyone's favorite next door neighbor..

Is Mrs Neck southern? For some reason I keep getting that she is southern..:

Not that I have ever sat down and talked locations with Mrs. Neck.. but I definately know she is not from Alaska.. and she does have a drawl in her voice. Not deep south.. but Texas maybe.. it's lighter.. Sorry Texas people..

How many loads of laundry do you think Mrs. Neck does in a week??

I would say most definately and I am NOT underestimating this.. At leeeeeast 20. Maybe more. Either she is OCD or they are dirty people. They have no kids.. it's just the two of them. 20 loads. I'm not kidding.

Will you ever show us a picture of Mrs. Neck?

No, Probably not. I think getting a kick out of someone in blogland is all well and good. But you must keep it anonymous. Showing you a picture is intruding on her safety. There's nuts on the internet people!.. Plus Mrs. Neck doesn't know she has such a following.

What is one interesting fact about Mrs. Neck that you have NOT mentioned on this blog?

That if you say Mrs. Neck's name very fast all together, it sounds like she is asian. It's pretty hilarious.

Have you always written ridiculous stories about your neighbors?? Is this all true?

Yes.. They are all true.. I have.. to be quite honest, I've written about my neighbors for a long time. Before I moved to Alaska, I had to move to the ghetto in order to save money to move here.. and ever since then.. they just come to me. There is alwaysssssssss someone I live next to to write about. Always. I have some kind of freak neighbor hex on me.


I'm dog sitting this week for the worlds greatest dog, Muffin.. She is by far the greatest dog ever and I could keep her forever if the #*#*$(@(@ landlord would let me.. But back to the story.. Muffin is a little dog, so we must take frequent trips to potty.

We got all ready to face -21 this morning.. coat on, hat on, crazy boots on.. but I have been lounging around all night, so I had old pj's on, the girls were NOT secured and my hair was beyond a hot mess, matted on one side. But since I was running outside and back.. it wasn't really an issue.

So we got out the door and around the corner to find Mrs. Neck on her hands and knees with her door open, bent over.. she was huffing and puffing..

She was blocking my way for one thing.. but I did ask her if she was ok..

"Oh yes baby I'm fine..I just stopped here to take a break."

Personally and I don't know about you all, but when say I've ran down the stairs with 10 bags of groceries and am out of breath.. I tend to go in my house, put the groceries down and sit on my couch.

Not on all fours in my doorway.
I'm just sayin.

Anyway, she stands up, takes a look at me.. and I am thinking, she is thinking "Wow, this chick needs to get her clothes on.."

But instead she says..

"Are you headed to work? Those are cute little pants!"

Haha.. "Yep", I say.. "Going to work.. the dog is going to help turn the traffic lights on this morning.."

"Well that is one smart little dog!" "Have a good day!"

Hahah.. you too Mrs.Neck.. You too..

In other news!

MY MOMMY IS COMING TO ALASKA!!! My amazing friend Amy.. (who you can find at was kind and awesome and amazing (and insert all sorts of super terrific adjectives here) enough to give me one of her discounted tickets to bring my momma here. She or I never could have afford for her to come otherwise. I am more excited than I have been in a long time for this to happen. I haven't seen my momma a year and a few months.. and finally she will be able to come here!!!!!!

There is amazing people in this world. And I am graced to know so many of them.

Amy from the bottom of my humble heart.....