Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mrs Neck Isn't My Only Neighbor.

Long before Mrs Neck ever graced the building, there was one apartment dweller that held the "Worldest Strangest Neighbor" title.
It was Lady Who Stands and Looks at the Sky Lady.
When I first moved here, Sky Lady would constantly stand in the middle of the parking lot and look up at the sky. For no reason in perticular that I could tell.
She would stand, smack dab in the middle of the road.. in the middle of where you needed to drive to park and stare.. at absolutely nothing. Sometimes she would talk to herself. Sometimes she would move her arms around strangely..
I tried to honk at her once.. to get her to move.. but nothing would sway her. She would just stand there.
Sky Lady still lives in the building.. and still looks at the sky.
At nothing.
At all.
But today.. the trifecta of weird came to a head. I walked outside.. and saw Sky Lady standing in the lawn.. head perched towards the dark grey Alaskan sky.. But as I stepped out further I noticed a guest. Mrs. Neck.. standing next to Sky Lady, looking at the sky.
Looking at nothing.
I think someone has met their new best friend.


  1. ROFL!! You sure do end up with interesting neighbors!

    I have to admit, I can frequently be found looking at the sky but I'm usually looking at clouds and birds....and if I'm talking its to the birds....usually. :0)

  2. I just read this blog entry out loud to my kids and they got a good laugh. I love that you have such *special* neighbors! LOL

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Neck have been entertaining me for weeks. And now Sky Lady? You must've worked hard to pick an apt with high entertainment value. Thank you!!!

  4. Hey don't you think now that sky lady was showing you why you moved up there. She just showed you before you started taking the pics. There is no place on earth you can wake up to such a beautiful sky and you have it right in your driveway or in the middle of the street. She is reminding us all to stop and smell the roses, Or in her own mind to just stop and stare at the heavens, should she be so lucky to go there someday. Who knows maybe Alaska is heaven or the gates to heaven. Your pictures you take look like a piece of heaven.