Monday, December 20, 2010

The Day Off


No Mrs. Neck story.. I'm just not feeling too funny today.. It's my day off and well I'm gonna enjoy it.. I've gotten all of my chores done... dinner is made.. the jammies are on.. and all is right with my little corner of the world..
But until then I will leave you with a picture I took today off in the Badger Woods in North Pole. I'm really starting to play around with pictures and editing and seeing how I can make things just a tad bit more interesting picture wise. I really wish I had a little more than a pocket camera, but the best part of having a pocket camera is I can whip it out and take some really great off the cuff stuff.

And here is one of those "off the cuff" moments..

So here's to having a day off..

What are you doing with yours?


  1. Great picture, makes me want to sit by a fire and drink hot cocoa! lol

  2. I sat around waiting for a furniture delivery. And then I was on the phone the rest of the afternoon because they delivered the wrong dresser. Basically I accomplished nothing.Lol. Beautiful picture btw!

  3. Beautiful - and pocket cameras are wonderful. You use yours well.