Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cold, Birds, No Mrs. Neck..

I wish I had something to post.. but.. sadly I don't.
No Mrs. Neck.
No Looks at the Sky Lady..

It's too dark and too cold for funny in Santaland..

The weather man is calling for a high of -41 for Friday..Everyones gettin filled up with fuel, water and groceries..

Needless to say, we are goin through a tad bit of a cold snap..
-37,-30,-28.. all have been common numbers this week..

A view from the North Pole..


Everyone is just trying to stay warm and keep themselves these days, getting ready for one of the biggest days in North Pole, AK.. Santa's big day.

Trust in this friends.. I have my ears peeled for any Mrs. Neck tidbits I can get for you. Your laughter is my mission.. :)

For my momma.. The offical 2010 X-Mas Tree Picture...


Sazzy huh?

My friend left me with some sage advice this week.. which I'll leave for you..

"God will feed the birds.. he doesn't always put the food right in their nest's.."

Something to ponder..

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