Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mrs. Neck on -40 degree temps, looking like a teenager and the astonishing defination of "beeass"..

So obviously it's getting colder. This was yesterday.. a balmy, tropical -19. Today the weather channel and our good bubbly friend Mr. Al Roker says that is -30 in our fair little neck of the woods. Tonight, Al, who I am convinced doesn't even know where Alaska is on the map, considering he ever mentions us, couldn't probably stand -30 in his fancy little hats. But that's just a guess. He says that tonight, Talkeetna, Alaska, which is to the south of us on the beautiful George Parks Hwy, will be a lovely -45 this evening. That makes me happy as a little cold clam in the forest.

Do clams hang out in the forest? Maybe I meant lamb. Heck you know what I meant. But I'm getting off topic..

Hubs and I went to see Rodney Carrington, the comedian, last night in Fairbanks.
Needless to say, he probably couldn't have picked a better day to come. The first -20or -30 something, we could all use a good time and a laugh.. and plenty of those happened last night. Rodney, since we are on a first name basis and all, wasn't real sure about the whole -30 thing. But neither are most of us a majority of the time.

There was screaming coming from Mr. and Mrs. Neck's apartment this morning. I was getting a little worried when I heard her yell "get off of me.. " but soon was repulsed when she followed it up with "you big sexy man..!"
Later on I met Mrs. Neck at the mailbox. Apparently vexed over the impending -40 temps, Mrs. Neck wanted me to know all about it.
"Gosh, I don't know how you stand going outside in this without a coat.. ! I got this coat here about 12 years ago at the Salvation.. (apparently code for Salvation Army.. ?? I'm not sure, because this hot pink, with faux fur coat had not seen the better side of 1995 in a lonnnnnnnnnng time) and it suuuuuuuuuuuure is warm. Mr.Neck says it makes me look like a teenager! But he's a little beeass.."
Ok, so I looked at her.. obviously confused by the whole "beeass" word. I was spinning through all the possible ways, that could have worked in a sentence or maybe some way I was missing what she was trying to say. Nope.. nothing.. Other languages.. nope.. not coming up with a
"Beeass?" I asked.

"Well he's my old man so he has to love what I wear.. You know he's beeass..!"
Then it came to me.. BIAS.. hahah.. that's it..
So politely I say.. "Well your a very lucky lady to have someone who still is paying you compliments.."
And in true fashion.. IN ONLY a way Mrs. Neck could.. "Girl I know it.. he is a hot little HUNK of man! See you later!"
I have to move. I'm only staying here to amuse all of you.


  1. LMAO! I love your Mrs Neck stories! LOL

  2. Don't move! I would miss Ms. Neck! lol

  3. Nooo, you can't move! That is, unless you find yet another place with entertaining neighbors...