Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Icepocalypse, Mrs. Neck.. and Sadness on Thanksgiving.

The past two days have been an icy mess. The rain started on Monday morning at 4am. Slow at first.. and then a steady full fall. The temperatures were so low that the ice instantly froze on contact with anything it touched.
It lead to what the local paper dubbed as "Icepocalypse 2010".

(ice on the steps of a building courtesy of Fairbanks Daily News Miner)

Cars went off the road.

Buses went sizeways.
Businesses closed there doors.
The city shut down.
It was a mess.

The whole situation reminded me alot of Kansas ice storms. It isn't
a whole lotta fun.

Someone asked my mom why it was such a big deal.. "She moved to Alaska.. didn't she expect it?" Well of course I did. But what people tend to not understand is that in Kansas, you are prepared to have an ice storm. It happens almost EVERY winter MULTIPLE times. It ice storms in Kansas more in a winter sometimes more than it snows. Kansas is prepared for that to happen. They pretreat the roads.. throw out cautionary sand. That stuff does not happen here.

The roads here are treated with more of a "hold on and pucker up" approach.

And when you have ALOT of drivers who have never driven in a place as tough as Alaska, it turns into something that can be very dangerous.

Something also to consider is that in Alaska it does not rain in November. (really.. it doesn't hardly rain at all.. ) But in November, it should be -10, -20.. with snow.. not raining. The rain not only kills the snow, but freezes instantly on contact. In November, this kinda thing is a big deal and when we already have had 12 inches of snow in the last few weeks, it makes for a messy situation. So do you get the picture?

Plus Kansas is flat.

Alaska is not.

Think of driving up one of the Flint Hills on a goat trail road, with 2 inches of ice on it and your house is at the very top of that hill.

That's what Alaskan's deal with.



The Mrs. Neck story for today comes from my husband..

Apparently Mrs. Neck and Mr. Neck came out of their apartment today and Mr.Neck politely asked Mrs. Neck if he could help her with whatever it was she was trying to lug up the stairs.

She said.. in her signature loud squeal...


See.. I knew it allll along..


(the view from my window.. beautiful isn't it? Don't you love that giant camper in front? Classy.. That's North Pole for ya)
Lastly.. I just want to send out condolences to my favorite Wasilla, Alaska blogger, Bill Hess. He suffered a great loss this week, this week of Thanksgiving.

He is not excepting comments at this time..understandably. But I just wanted to tell him how thankful we are for him. I am thankful for you Mr. Hess and all the doors of Alaska you have opened to me, just by reading your blog. You have shown me a glimpse into some of the most amazing people's lives. You have let us in to enjoy your travels with you and I am thankful for that.

We are all praying for you, your family and the family of your dearest departed friends.

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