Monday, October 18, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska..

So I'm sitting here watching another oh so riviting episode of "Sister Wives" on TLC.. when I see a commerical for the new TLC reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska.."

Does this make anyone else mad? OR is it just me?

Personally, here's my take.

She is a 1 term governor, who tried and failed to be vice president.

She is an Alaskan, ABSOLUTELY. But she is no different or special than anyone else that lives here. Just because Sarah got on Fox News and they told her "Oh hey there Sarah, you should get you one of them there reality shows.."


Oh but that is right.. she's every Alaskan out there.

She has a huge estate on Lake Lucille in Wasilla.. she drives a 50,000 dollar vehicle and I doubt very highly if she even buys her own milk at Fred Meyer.

Personally I think that it would be farrrrrrrrrrrrr more interesting if TLC made a show for all of the other hero's in our state.. like dog musher Dee Dee Jonrowe.. or Lance Mackey or Ed Itta the mayor of the North Slope Borough.. or the lady who runs the Deadhorse Inn.. or one called.. "Mary John's Alaska".. Profiling random person who lives there daily lives in the village. Hauls water each and everyday, poo's in a honey bucket.. (ohhh I bet it's been a cold day in Wasilla since Sarah poo'd in a honey bucket..).. or lived in a home off the grid.. drove a old Jeep.. paid $9.50 for a gallon of milk at the AC store..

THAT to me would be far more interesting and far more worthwhile than Sarah Palin showing me around Wasilla for 8 weeks.

I think that only generates some sort of stereotype in the Lower 48 that Alaska is some magical Disney World of a place 24/7/365.

While Alaska is wonderful and magical in it's own way, there are very few people who can afford cross country skiing on a glacier, flying across the national parks or rassling up some dogs to go dog sledding.

It's a hard place.. and I think America and Sean Hannity should know the real place behind the "you betcha's!"

I bet if TLC showed the real Alaska in all it's hardship and glory they would be pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who would watch and want to see more. Give America some credit!

I do expect some Sarah Palin hate mail on this one.. So I will say this.. Do I respect Sarah Palin? Absolutely. As the govenor of this state, as a woman who saw a way to further her family.. absolutely. I think any one of us in her position would do the very same thing. But personally do I dig her politics. Not at all..

I just don't have any interest in seeing Sarah on the TV more than I have to..
I will be happy tuning into "Sister Wives" and watching that little train wreck happen.


  1. I got steamed too when I saw that commercial.
    There was a reality show a few years back called The Alaska Experience (I think) and it focused on surviving the wilderness, storing food and whatnot. You should try to find it and see if that is an adequate representation of Alaskan hardships.
    As always, interesting post. I look forward to them.

  2. Maybe she has a Charisma that led to her show. That is the problem with people and politics. People don't look through the Charisma to see the substance of a person. Some people can be very charismatic and liked and yet not know shit from wild honey. ~ Corky

  3. Disagree. Seems like haters.

  4. I hear ya! I saw that commercial too and my first thought was WTH?! As an Alaskan, I would MUCH RATHER see a show about Native Alaskans, village life, whaling... or a show that interviews sourdoughs who were born and raised here and can tell us what life was like in the old days. You know... LEARNING stuff. Not the fluff of a quitter.

    Sarah Palin's life is not the life of the people I know. And it's certainly not as interesting either! Her show should be on the TRAVEL CHANNEL, not on the Learning Channel.

  5. Exactly Susan! YOu said it how I wished I coulda at 3 am.. haha.. definately something TRAVEL channel related. And I don't think "anonoymous" that it's hate at all. I personally don't hate Sarah Palin at all. I think she saw a way to further herself and her family and did that. You can't blame her. But she took an oath to alot of people here.. and alot of people still haven't forgotten that she abandon them for Sean Hannity and Bill O Reilly. See I can't say anything about that.. because I haven't lived here long enough to have an opinion. I don't think her politics is worth a nickel. But again you an I can still have a difference in opinion. I personally just feel that this show is a little more media stunt, than actually doing something to further or help the state!!

  6. This is how I feel about 95% of the reality shows on the air right now. We don't have cable and I have never seen Jersey Shores, and I love that! The problem is that the success of these shows depends ENTIRELY on viewers. People watch. Why? I have no clue but until society focuses on what's REALLY real, we're screwed:)

  7. OH Rocksee I agree. But reality TV is rarely based in reality. If they were to do a show based on the real life that people live in Alaska it would be called a documentary.

    And on a side note as much as I dilike the premiss behind Sister Wives, I find myself watching. I was horrified when his first wife tried to explain her jealousy by placing him in her shoes and he said it was a horrible disgusting thought to even think of her with another man.... uh DUH!! Seems like he should have had a little light bulb moment there and understood her feelings.

  8. Ditto!!!!! But I would watch a REAL Alaska show any day of the week:)