Monday, October 11, 2010

Me and Mrs. Neck... and some Snow...

Tonight I met Mrs. Neck in the parking lot. She was wearing her very classy pink halter top again and some cut off shorts. She looked as though her last shower was sometime last week.

She looks at me as I pull up with a air of disgust. Mrs. Neck takes a long drag on her cig.

I get out and start walking up towards the walk..

"So.. what do you do all day?" she says... looking confused..

"Excuse me??.." I don't really understand the question. Partically because I've been working 11 straight days and particially because I don't talk to this woman to begin with.. so.. not thinking of starting now.

"I mean.. you've been gone for like all day.."

"Well I've been at work.." I tell her.. in a slightly disgusted tone.

"Ohh.. well what do you do?" she asks..

I think about this for a minute.. Do I tell her I work in law enforcement..?? Maybe as a good way to get her to leave me alone.. or do I make something up.

" Well I work for the state." I reply. Not a lie..

"Doing what?"

" Well I work in a tower, turning all the street lights in the city from red to yellow to green." I find myself feeling pretty clever.. I can never think of smarty pants things to say in these situations...

"WOW really?? I always wondered who did that!!!!! "

Hahah.. ohhh Mrs. Neck.. you kill me..

On a side note.. it snowed finally and stuck a little..


  1. You have such an important job turning all those lights colors! LOL

    I'm sorry you have to live next to such an idiot. Wonder if she'll still wear that halter top when we're at -30F? Haha

  2. I love your neighbor.
    Like a "love stupid people" kinda way.
    She makes me giggle.
    I don't think I could stand living next to her though!
    Make sure to keep the snow up there ok? I'm not ready for it to come to Anchorage!