Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.just as free.. free as we'll ever be..

Sometimes my posts don't have any real place that they come from. Sometimes I chew on something that I want to get out, for dayyyyys before it makes it here. And sometimes it never makes it here at all.

I get alot of writing inspiration here. I see alot of things that I could show you all because they are so beautiful that it almost hurts. There is so much of this big state that I haven't seen and so much I wish I could share with all of you. This picture reminded me alot of what happened this week.

My job this week has been stressful, hectic, crazy and down right scary this week. Almost everything that you can think of has happened. From rap concerts, overdue boaters, from "Into the Wild" hikers.. It's happened.. it's been a mix of emotions. Each day has had it's own catastrophe.

But something that I love about doing the work that I do, is that almost everyday, god shows me a new reason to believe he's up there. Not that I have ever doubted, but it's always nice to sometimes get slapped in the face with a not so suttle reminder.

It's god keeping us silly humans on our toes.

Thank you god for saving my friend today.


And Hubs got a job! YAY! GO HUBS! Proud of you baby.