Tuesday, July 20, 2010

did you miss me? i missed YOU!

Just a little update .. I know I fell off the face of the planet this month, but good golly I have been SO SO busy working. Summer time is always a hectic time in my line of work, but working somewhere that is light out 23 hours of the day, it gets a little CRAZY! People go wild and needless to say keep momma hoppin.

It has been raining for a solid month.

Ok, maybe that’s sort of a fib.. but it’s been raining A LOT. Big pouring rain. Which has been nice for the flowers, but it gets a little bit old after awhile. The nights are also getting shorter. We are most definitely loosing out on our light now. Which I am sincerely happy about it. I can’t wait for the dark time again. I hated it when the light was as bright as a freight train coming into your house at 11pm. That is NOT fun.

So snow, darkness.. I can’t wait for your arrival.

Right now it has been really cool. I don’t envy any of my Kansas folk and there 108 weather!! I don’t think we have had a day yet that has been hotter than 85 or so. Which for Alaska is pretty warm, especially when your body is used to it being cooler. But there isn’t any humidity here, so I can’t complain.

My husband has a lot of good things happening for him soon. I’m really excited about a possible job opportunity that he might have. He has an interview soon. Please pray for us, we really could use a good prayer on the job front.

My husband also has slowly been reconnecting with his mother, which I have told you in past posts, hasn’t always been a fantastic relationship. But in the end, even after all that has happened, she is still his mother. They are taking things slow and trying to reform some trust with one another and he is being cautious with it, but I think he is truly happy to have her back in his life. I know he’s missed her.

I am ok. Sometimes it’s pretty overwhelming to be me, but I’ve really tried to keep myself together. But I just have tried to remember that worrying about tomorrow doesn’t make tomorrow any better and I go with it.. It seems to be working so far. For those of you who are my long time readers, you know that I am a domestic abuse survivor. This week my ex who was in a Kansas prison for other horrendous crimes, got a new trial through the Kansas Supreme Court. Basically, this means he could be set free until his new trial. While he did not go to prison for what he did to me and to many other women, he did go to prison for something he deserved. Not only for the crimes he DID commit but for the ones he’s committed that were never reported out of fear. To me, I always felt like it was karma coming back around on him.

But some how, he beat the system. He’s good at that. And it breaks my heart to know that he won’t rot in prison were he belongs. I know that people say, “Oh Rocksee, it’s been almost 10 years.. get over yourself already!” Heck sometimes I say it. But it still bothers me to know that he won’t fully pay for what he has done.

Anyways, overall, I think I am ok. I don’t do a whole lot with work and such. It seems like this summer, working is all that I have done or had time for, which is really sad.

But I did not want any of you to think I have forgotten you! Cause I haven’t!
Also too, my computer at home is broken, so no facebooking for me. For those of you who are my Facebook friends would ya do me a favor and post a comment on my site that I am down??

That would be fabulous!

Love you all!


  1. I hear you about all the rain. We've had maybe 4 awesome days here in Anchorage in the past month. All the rest have been rainy.
    I'm sorry to hear about your ex. I know the feeling about being in an abusive relationship and not getting the justice you think you deserve.
    Karma will get him. Just keep your head up!

  2. We did miss you. Sorry to hear about your ex, I get what you are saying. Praying for your hubby too!

  3. I just miss you. PERIOD. Need to seriously see you sometime!!! Anyhow...did want to talk to you about the Muffin thing..no pressure....and I don't have your phone number anymore (my sim card didn't transfer my phone numbers when I got a new phone). So.....stop by sometime or facebook...or whatever. My kiddos would love to see you too!! :)

  4. I missed you too! :) I was going to write something about your ex getting the Karma he deserves - but Nikke summed it up nicely. Oh, and the first time I heard that airplanes song I thought of you! :)