Thursday, June 17, 2010

summmertiiiiiiiiimee... and livin in Alaska..

Aloooot of people have been asking me questions about summer in Alaska. As people recall I did a little tutorial about winter in Alaska during the cold months. So I thought I would take a few minutes to answer a couple of my most frequent questions.

1. Is it really light 24 hrs a day in the summer months?

Yes.. just like in the winter when the sun barely comes up.. in the summer, the sun doesn't go down. During the height of light months, it's sooooooo bright. At 1am, it looks like it does at noon anywhere else. It's hard to wrap your mind around sometimes that it's really 2 am. Personally, I am a bigger fan of the dark months. I think that it's mysterious and alot more relaxed. People aren't so much on the go. Starting June 20, we will start loosing light again.

2. Do you still use your plug in during the summer?

No, theres no reason for that in the summer. You only need to keep your battery and engine warm when it's -30.. so it's more of an accessory in the summer. My car bling.

3. How warm is it during the summer?

It's actually very mild here in the summers. But it can get upwards of 90 degrees sometimes. What's different between Kansas and Alaska is humidity. The humidity in Kansas is so much worse. There is hardly any humidity in Alaska. No more wet, sticky summers for me.

4. What is needed to survive an Alaskan summer?

Two fold... you need window coverings to sleep.. and you have to be more watchful of wildlife when your out in the woods and such. It's warm and nice and the animals are on the move, enjoying the weather too.. So you when your walkin in the woods, or your out walking alone, it's just good to be watchful. We have had some campers out at some of the lakes were bears have ravaged the tents... moose are always still out and about.. So it's just good to let people know where your going.

5. What is one thing that people wouldn't realize about Alaskan summers?

That there are ALOT of funerals.. everyone is getting buried now that the ground has thawed out. It's very very rare that someone gets buried during the winter because the ground is so hard from the permafrost. It takes alot of tools and equipment to get it done. You have to be pretty important. Or you wait til summer.

Also, about the first part of June there are TONS of tourists here. It's a hot spot for the over 55 crowd in the summer. However in the winter, it's a mecca for Chinesse tourists because it's believed in China that a couple seeing the Aurora together, brings good luck.

So there you have it..

Maybe more to come!



  1. I love this. Oh and watch out for bears!

  2. wow, very interesting! I dont know if i could handle an alaskan summer with so much day light!

  3. oh, also fascinating to hear about how people dont get buried until the summer!!