Saturday, June 5, 2010

Disrespecting the Flag Isn't Who We Are.

I still believe in my heart that there are a few things in this world that are sacred... Things that make up who I am and how I was raised as a person.

I think alot of who I am comes from the fact that I am from a small town. A town, where I learned you don't mince words. If you have something to say, you go right on ahead and get it out on the table. So I'm going to put a few words out there.

Kids are all taught a set of certain values that a person must have. They are simple things. Unspoken rules of law that I am sure are upheld in more towns than my own.

A few of them..

- You do not disrespect your elders.
- You do not disrespect the dead.
- You do not disrespect sacred, holy ground.
- You do not disrespect your country.
- And you most definately did not disrepect our service men or women.

In my town, that was and up until about a week ago, I always thought that was the way things worked.

My hometown is amazing place, with the most amazing people in it. I've talked about it on this blog several times. I long for it. I miss it inside all of my bones.

And even though I live 4000 miles from it, I will not stand for someone who disrespects it.

The cemetary in my hometown has an "Avenue of Flags" to celebrate the deceased veterans that are buried there. The families buy the flags which are placed on a pole going up to the cemetary with a plack listing the solder they represent.

My grandfather is one of the solders.

My grandfather had one of those flags.

Last week, right before Memorial Day, nine of them were ripped into shreads by kids who had no respect for anything that Peabody, Kansas stood for.

I don't know if my grandfathers flag was one of them. I don't want to know. I think if I did know, it would break my heart.

The person who did this not only disrespected the nine loving families who live each day without their loved one, but all of the service men who are laid to rest there... and the nation.

That is not who Peabody, Kansas is.

That is not who the kids of Peabody, Kansas are.

So who ever you are, have enough respect for yourselves to come forward and admit that you made a mistake, apologize to those families who you hurt, apologize to our town, apologize to the kids in our city who you have given a bad name.

I doubt very highly that will happen, because anyone who would sneak into a private cemetary at night and rip up American flags, are nothing but about bunch of insensative cowards.


  1. Sabrina (El Dorado, KS)June 5, 2010 at 6:09 AM

    It's heartless how inconsiderate and disrespectful people can be at times. It's kind of scary to know how the newer generation is developing. I've watched teenagers walk through wal mart being hateful to parents, showing absolutely no respect for themselves or anyone -anything around them, witnessed stealing and feel helpless because there isn't much I can do. As a mother, I worry what my son will experience as the world turns....
    I'm so sorry to read about what has happened.

  2. I'm very sorry that this happened in your town of origin. Hopefully, the perpetrators will be caught by someone wise enough to educate them a bit.