Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BP: Beyond Petroleum, or Beyond Dumb!

I just wikipedia'ed Tony Heyward, BP's CEO. I was interested to know where a dirtbag like that actually came from.

I've been watching, like you for the past 49 days of the oil GUSHING into the Gulf of Mexico from the oil tanker explosion.

"We just cant figure out how to cap it!" " We just don't know why we cant get the oil stopped!" If I hear another sentance like that out of anyone from BP's mouth I may just reach into the TV and punch someone out. I'm suprised nobody has yet. Doesn't this piss you off? It is 2010! 2.0.1.o! You can not tell me that in this day and age, full of technology that some brain at BP couldn't have figured out how to shut that oil off already. You just can't tell me that.

We are a country of the IPhone, electric cars, we put a man on the moon for christ sake. But nobody can figure out how to stop a damn oil well.

First of all, WHY do we as a country allow oil companies to do that kind of off shore drilling and not have some sort of safe guard to prevent this from turning into the biggest cluster in a decade? If you can't prove to the country that you have the safeguards in place to prevent a natural disaster from happening, then you should not be able to do anything REMOTELY close to what the United States has allowed BP and many other oil companies do for years.

Getting on the subject of the goverment.. BARACK! What the hell is wrong with you man? Why arent you knocking on BP's front door and shutting them down. I saw on the TV that last year the EPA sited BP with like 600 or more enviromental and work related violations. All the other companies had less than 10. REALLY? How do you let that slip by you? The EPA is a joke and I used to be an Obama supporter and the longer he lets this go on the more I want to call him up and ask him if there is a brain behind those giant ears.

What kills me though, is how a man like Tony Heyward can sleep at night knowing that he has killed the livelyhood of thousands, he's MURDERED thousands of wildlife and you have polluted the planet so much, that the effects of it may not ever be undone.

Can you sleep at night Tony? Do you lie in your bed on in the English countryside, sip tea with your wife and talk about the queen, acting like none of this is going on across the pond?

I just wonder.

But what we have to remember, is that, we as american's are also at fault for this. We are indeed the most gas addicted country in the nation. One thing, and trust me the ONLY one thing I can agree with George Bush on is that we have got to do better. Companies like BP wouldn't be the superpowers that they are if we did not funnel trillions of dollars into them each year.

I for one am not getting gas at a BP powered station ever again, even though it's cheaper than the competion.

The saddest part of all of this is the faces that I see on TV of the people who live in the effected areas.. those that you see that still have some hope that BP will fix this. That the government will fix this.

They wont. BP will drag this on forever if they can. You will get a clean up effort that is half assed if at all. You won't get a so called "settlement" for your troubles. You will not get your livelyhood back.

Just call the residents of Valdez, AK and ask them what the oil companies and the federal government did for them. The answer is not a whole lot.

I am praying for you, Gulf Coast, because fighting the BP giant will be a more David and Goliath effort than you ever have faced before. You will need all the praying you can get.


  1. it really chaps my hide that they were "smart" (and I use that term loosely) enough to build the damn oil gizmo to begin with, why in the HELL would they not have a plan in place for the worst possible scenario.
    Always, always plan for the worst - Be Prepared -hell Boy Scouts do it, BOY scouts, why can't BP.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Great blog! I nodded my head with practically everything you wrote! The devastation down there is just awful and I'm afraid for how it will look in a few months when we go down there on vacation. I saw a commercial with "Tony the Phony" (that's my new nickname for him) the other day talking about the oil spill and I wanted to break my TV! What a liar!

    One thing that gets me is that there are no "save the gulf" telethons and fund raisers. How come when Haiti had their problems we were right there to support them - but this is our own land... our own people... our backyard... shouldn't we be raising money to help them?!?!

  3. My husband is a retired pipefitter that actually worked in the detailing (planning and drafting) of many industrial jobs. The problem here is no one wants to try something for fear of the political backlash that would come down on them. This administration that we have in office is great at blaming and not so great at getting things done.
    We surely didn't get much of a change did we?

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