Saturday, June 26, 2010


I took a walk tonight.. me and my husband.. and something occured to me.. one thing that I love about Alaska. It doesn't smell. I know this is weird. But living in the midwest the air was stagnate and every smell hung across the prairie like a purple fog.

In Kansas, you were never far away from a stockyard, a milo field or some other foul smelling building that you could smell coming for miles. When I was in college, I lived next door (literally) to an oil refinery. There was a large pipe that had a flame that burned out of it that chugged oil straight into the air. The smell was so strong that when I was at home and couldn't smell the vile stench, it actually gave me a headache. Think the smell of nail polish remover.

No smells of Dolly Madison cakes being made.. or cow blood being burned in the refinery (which Emporia, KS people know about.. don't ya!) None of that.. I haven't smelt a foul thing yet.

I know it's crazy to be thankful for air.. but once you've smelled a stockyard in a 105 degree Kansas summer, you will understand.

It's amazing.. the air smells like pine.. and tonight everywhere we walked smelled of lilacs. Each time the wind blew, you could smell the water of the slough. It smelled like nature. It makes you want to stay outside all day long.

But you cant, because the small birds.. I mean mosquitos are biting you, sucking your blood dry, like little vampires. My poor husband had 6 bites on his head the size of quarters..

No more happy smells for me.. time to go inside..


  1. First off, i love how you changed your background! Second...i wish i could be where i could smell pine trees and lilacs...cuz honey, the smell in wichita isn't any better either, than emporia i'm sure..only here, i get to smell sewage...ummmm..gross! glad you get to be where it is so beautiful, peaceful and smell-free....take as many breaths for me as you can! and keep posting beautiful pics of helps me remember how beautiful life is when i have a stressful day. hope you and your bubs are well....take care Ro! <3 ya!

  2. I love your new photo! Hubby and I comment ALL the time how WA air smells so clean - even after 5 years of living here, we can't get used to it! The fresh, cool breeze off the ocean can never again be replaced by the hot, bug-filled air of the midwest... I love it.... and I love that you had such a great walk! :)

  3. I agree completely Roxy! I am always finding myself stopping and just taking in a deep breath of our wonderful Alaska air.

    Thankfully down here I really havent noticed the mosquitos *yet*.

    That picture is awesome girl!

  4. Maybe he has some sort of allergy? I get bites on my head here, in Northern Michigan, and they seep puss and's gross. I think I have a MILD allergy. Either way it sucks. BUT, I love how you truly appreciate the nature and things that most people take for granted. It's the best isn't it?

  5. Beautiful photo. I really think I would love Alaska. <3

  6. What a gorgeous photo! I have been keeping up with your journey since before you left for Alaska. I love hearing about all the new things you have seen and encountered since moving there.