Sunday, April 18, 2010

warm weather and love.. North Pole Alaska style..

I wanted to take a few pictures of the AMAZING weather we have been having lately and give you an little taste of North Pole, AK. We have some coolness here. It's not all Santa, Santa, Santa.. it's kinda funky and cool..

People like to spray pant these rocks. It's this strange rock face that just sits all by it's lonesome on the Richardson Hwy. But it's neat because the more people add to it, the prettier I think it is..

It's love.. North Pole Alaska style..

But what we do not love.. is the gas prices.. but with the summer coming, the cost will rise even higher than it is now..I've heard 4.50 possibly by the middle of summer. But I won't complain!.. It's the price we pay to live in this place. We have it very very luckier than most! (and at least for the price we get a tasty treat!)

This is the slough outside my house.. Noyes I think is what it is called.. For those of you who are mystifed by that word.. think creek, pond, small river/streamish type body of water. I'd ever heard of a "slough" before I got to Alaska!

The woods outside my house.. I think Edward Cullen mulls around up there.. But he's gone for now.. the sun is too shiny.. He longs for the dark winter days..

Santa Approved! Alot of people are moving back into the Santaland RV park. I say that's why this picture of Santa is blurry. He's tipsy from partying with the RV'ers last night!

Traffic.. not a huge problem in North Pole.. hahah.. ususally there is more than just me on the roadway though!

Alaska sunrises are ALMOST as good as Alaska sunsets.. Not quite.. but Almost..

This pond is called "Bath Your Babies".. theres a sign and everything. I was a little taken aback by that... because A: I'm pretty sure there are probably some North Polian's who do bath there children here.. and B: I wondering if theres alot of stinky kids around because this pond is still frozen over. I dunno.

But there ya go.

Anyways, I've added a Facebook button on the side of my site.. I'd love to have you all as facebook friends.. and get to know you a little better! Plus I post more pics and all sorts of stuff there more often! I hope to see you there soon!!

I just also want to say for those of you who read my site.. thank you. I love each of you, even if I don't know ya!


  1. Snow is gone, but the pond is still frozen? Yipes!

  2. Haven't checked in in awhile but good to hear you are doing well!

  3. Beautiful! I will have to add you as a FB friend!

  4. Hey! Spammer be gone!
    Woops. Looking at that last comment.
    Anyway, you make it sound and look SO cool.
    I've never had the desire to go to Alaska, but after following you on this journey, I really would LOVE to go see it. :)
    Of course, if I could visit you too!