Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everything about Alaska, According to Yours Truly

What are 5 things that people wouldn't realize in Alaska??

1. That when I say "Oh it's -30 below today.." It's not really as cold as it sounds. I mean it IS cold.. regardless of how I shrug that off. But when it's -30 you aren't hangin outside. You just aren't, unless you do work outside or something. When it's this cold out you go from warm house, to warm car, to warm work.. and so on.. and if you are someone who works outside, you have sense enough to dress for the occasion.

They make great coats here. :)

2. That fast food, is really not fast. Be prepared to devote 20 minutes to a drive thru.. maybe more. If you get out any sooner than that, well you are lucky.

3. That theres alot of people here from alot of different places. I meet someone from Kansas or knows were I live probably about once a week.. which is pretty awesome!

4. Alaska uses the term "treating the roads" or "icy roads" very loosely. Fairbanks roads are not well treated at all for the winter conditions. At home, if there was even a small slick spot on the road. I mean SMALL like a foot length patch of ice, people would be all wound up about the fact that the city didn't put something down so they won't slide..

Hahah.. not Alaska. The intersections in Fairbanks are death traps. Just today I came about 3 inches from getting to know a nice lady in a Mercury a little too well. Thankfully I was going slow and had another lane that I could pull into to get control. They are very slick. You have to know where these area's are and avoid them at all costs.

Or spend 800 bucks and get Blizzak tires.. and since we all know I am made of money, I just avoid avoid avoid..

5. For a town the size of Fairbanks we have some GREAT radio stations. I mean we have a cross section of all music genre's.. I thought when I got here I would have to listen to country or church stations.. but I was really surprised!! They have some great alternative and rock stations and a great country station and a good bubble gum pop station.

I am all set! Po Po Poker face!

4 Things that You Find the Most Beautiful about Alaska?

1. The sky. I can't even begin to describe it. It's like god paints a new one everyday.. Its not even clouds.. its so weird.. it's like all of these flowing colors all at once.. It's too meserizing.. It's a wonder I haven't driving off into the ditch on the Richardson Hwy stareing out into space so much.

2. The Coffee. You have to live here to know. It's amazing. Once you drink Alaskan coffee you will not drink other crappy Lower 48 coffee. We may not have much, but our coffee is darn good.

3. The People. In my job, for 1 1/2 more weeks, I get to meet HUGE cross section of people from the interior. All over Fairbanks, North Pole, Nenanananananana, Healy, Cantwell, Anderson, Salcha, Delta, McKinley Village.. All SUPER awesome people. Everyone has a story, everyone is willing to share and depart some of there Alaska knowledge with you and I have yet to meet a "snooty" person here.

4. The fact that around every corner, down every road, there is something so beautiful or breath taking that you have to stop and get out and enjoy it. Even if you've seen it 50 times. Everytime it's amazing and stunning.. And so tremendous that it makes you sad that you can't share it with everyone who isn't there with you.

3 Things You Find Yucky about Alaska?

1. The smoke. The Smokestacks in the winters.. and the fire smoke in the summer.


2. The drivers. Some people here are very very bad drivers.. which is funny considering we live in such a ever changing weather enviroment. People seriously either think it's NASCAR or they drive WAY to slow.

And driving with your moose lights on all day and all night.. UGHMGMG!!! DONT get me started!

3. That some things can be very expensive. Gas.. KFC.. out of season fruits and veggies.. liquor.. Thank god I stopped drinking cause it's far to expensive of a hobby here. A bottle of vodka at home that would cost 19.99, costs 40 bucks here. Holy cow!

And FYI.. gas.. 3.27 as of today.

2 Things You Thought You'd See but Haven't..

1. Colder temperatures

2. Moose. Haven't seen one in a LONG time. This is unnerving.

1 Famous Person that has read this Blog..

1. The Hawk Shop Guy!! He has a show on TV that's a buy, sell, trade show for Fairbanks. People call up looking to sell there stuff and Hawk hosts it. Think Craigslist on TV. He's super funny. I watch it every week it's on.. And he said my blog was great!

*swoon* a celeb At the Porch Swing! Super Cool!