Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Big News, The Ice Classic.. and the Light..

Oh friends.. it has really been an excellent week in North Pole, Alaska.. it really has.. SO much has happened I can hardly sit down and tell you everything.

My husband and I both got new jobs. That's the big news.

When I lived in Kansas, I used to dispatch for a police department. A pretty great one at that. And to be honest when you are a 911 dispatcher and that is TRULY who you are.. it's hard to go to a job and not be that any more. As my momma would say.. "it's permenant press.. and it doesn't wash out.."

So after trying my hand at another job in Fairbanks, I really decided that I wasn't happy at all. My heart wasn't in anything else but dispatching..

I took a job last week with a dispatch center in Fairbanks.. and I am totally stoked about it. I think being in the right job will be a huge step in really feeling at home in the wild frontier.

My husband also took a job in Fairbanks.. which is a great thing. He wasn't happy at all with his job on the Air Force. His new job will be something he's got experience in and something he really likes.. and he gets to work with good people. That's always a good step!

NOW on a more whining complaining note..

Look what is growing all over my bathroom.

No wondering I feel sick.

So I wrote a not so nice letter to my landlord and told him that I had told him about this 3 times now. Either clean up the mold or I am moving out!

I can't breath stuff like that in.. it can't be healthy right? I mean I'm ok with a little dirt or something.. but mold? YUCK. The reason? The faucet will not shut off in the shower. Hasn't since we moved in. It's gotten worse and better with varying degrees.. but the mold has just gotten worse. We put fans in there and try to run the exhaust but.. SURPRISE SURPRISE that doesn't work either.

If rentals weren't so hard to find around here (ok that aren't 5000 a month to rent) I would be out of here like white on rice.

On a brighter note.. I got my Nenana Ice Classic tickets.. Actually I paid for 4 but she gave me 5.. Holla!

What is the Ice Classic??

Well go to www.nenanaakiceclassic.com for indepth info.. but to make a long story short, it's a contest to guess when the Tanana River will melt and the ice will break up. There is a huge tripod in the middle of the Tanana in Nenana Alaska.. (yes, that Nenana) and when the ice starts to melt and break the tripod measures the exact date and time it occurs.

SO you buy a ticket and you put in your guess as to when it's going to happen..

It's a total crap shoot.. no real rhyme or reason to it.

But the cool part?? The jackpot for the winner is 283,000.00 if you guess it right on the nose. Cool huh?

Oh and friends.. the LIGHT!! I can't even tell you how freakin AWESOME it is to have the light stay out longer. It's amazing. This was taken tonight at 5:30pm!! 5:30!!!!! at 3rd Ave and Illinois St in Fairbanks. AND IT"S



  1. OKay, so apparently the turnover in dispatch is rediculous. I ALMOST applied up here because it's good money and because I am good on my feet but I was afraid. Is it HARD? Do I want to have someone's LIFE depend on me?? I would totally rock the "be calm" "help this person" "think fast" but I am still scared...let me know.

  2. Ok honestly i stayed up till one last night like a stalker checking your blog.Hhahaha. I am SO SO SO happy for you!!!!! YAY you and HUBBY! You both will rock those jobs!!! Now I have to go to bed I am exhausted.Lol

  3. Congrats on the new jobs! I hope they turn out great.

  4. Congrats!!!!
    And yes, mold can make you VERY sick.

  5. I'm glad things are turning up! I hope you get rid of the yucky mold soon!

  6. Uhm... WOOYAHWOO!

    Sounds like one heckuva ride you've been on! : )) I am so happy for you and Hubs and your new jobs. Sorry I have been MIA! I'm hoping my own roller coaster will settle soon. LOL

    <3 ya girl!

  7. Yay on new jobs!

    You really shouldn't breathe that stuff in. You know it can be fatal....my husbands boss was hospitalized for a month because of black mold. Be careful

  8. Congrats on the new jobs!

    As for the mold.... put some bleach and water in a spray bottle and spray the heck out of it. Hopefully it will help a little.

    As for the always-running/dripping shower, your landlord is going to have a lot more to worry about if he/she doesn't fix that. With the lack of snow here in the interior, your septic could freeze up with the water dripping like that. It happened to us. $100+ later, a company came out and thawed the pipes to get our water draining properly. If the septic freezes, that water has to back up somewhere. Let's hope it's outside and not in.

    Love the added daylight! Check out explorefairbanks.com for the upcoming events! And don't forget the Yukon Quest starts downtown this Saturday. Most of the town turns out for the start. Good fun! :D


  9. So glad for your new job!! :) Good things are happening!!! I hope your next big thing is winning the Nenana lottery!